It’s Out of the Question: So there’s a nine-hole golf course at the Coliseum? Why, of course there is

USC athletic director Lynn Swann and his foursome take their clubs and head down one of the Coliseum tunnels to reach the next hole platform to tee off during their round of golf Thursday at the Trojan football home field.

Lynn Swann pulled a 6-iron out of his golf bag and aimed between the west goal posts on the Coliseum floor.
From where the USC athletic director stood, on a platform high above Tunnel 15, he could easily use the Olympic torch at the peristyle end of the stadium as a sight line.
What in the name of Al Geiberger was Swann, a new member of Augusta National, hoping to achieve at this moment?
“I’m not hitting a full 6,” Swann said, looking down at marked target listed as 152 yards away, or where maybe the 40-yard line might be if the football field had been drawn up. “Just trying to get it out there and roll it toward that blue flag.”
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• VIDEO: USC’s Lynn Swann hits a ball at the Coliseum golf course

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