Sunday media: Lisa Nehus Saxon takes Vin Scully’s advice to heart, and returns the favor with the Shrine of the Eternals induction

Lisa Nehus Saxon talks to a gathering at the Allendale Branch of the Pasadena Public Library in March about her life as a sports writer in an event sponsored by the Baseball Reliquary (Photo by Baseball Reliquary)

Lisa Nehus Saxon has stories to tell on Sunday in Pasadena, including the one about the time Vin Scully gave her some career-affirming advice at a very low point in her run as a sports writer about 30 years ago.
As the L.A. Daily News’ Dodgers beat writer in her mid-20s, she had just been publicly humiliated in the Cincinnati press box by a Reds’ team official screaming at her. This was already after she was ordered out of the team’s pregame locker room and physically picked up and removed, and would then have an intern assigned to follow and watch her every move not just the rest of the day but the entire series.
All because she was a woman. Institutional biases had been chipped away but as with most genuine proper change, it can move at a resistant pace.
On the team bus from the hotel to the ballpark the next day, Scully asked to sit next to Nehus Saxon and then popped the question: If you could be anyone else in the world, who would it be? She just wanted to be accepted, even if it meant being a male sports writer. But Scully stressed the point: Be the best version of yourself. Find your own authentic voice. Imitating others limits yourself, as he tried to tell other broadcasters.
Nehus Saxon will confirm how that life lesson not only resonates today, but also why there’s no question the Dodgers’ Hall of Fame broadcaster is finally more than worthy for inclusion in the Baseball Reliquary’s Shrine of the Eternals. Scully can’t make the 2 p.m. ceremony at the Pasadena Central Library, so Baseball Reliquary executive director Terry Cannon asked Nehus Saxon to say a few words on Scully’s behalf.
She can do that and then some. More at this link …


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