It’s Out of the Question: Joey Chestnut vs. The Gyoza … Got the stomach for this?

The question we’ve always wanted to ask Joey Chestnut: Why have you never won a chestnut eating contest?

“No one has had one yet, but I’m sure all it would take is a sponsor …it could be easy to do,” said the 10-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating champion as he started to entertain the idea.

“Even I could do it myself. See how many I eat and donate something to a charity for each one.

“Maybe one of these years, it seems someone can do it around Christmas-time. Hold a winter festival.”

Roasting that thought on an open fire, it’s a nut to be cracked in the future.

Now, it’s gyoza gut-check time.

Joey Chestnut, left, celebrates his 2015 victory in the gyoza eating contest in Little Tokyo.

A little more than a month after he broke his own standards of decency by devouring a new record of 72 hot dogs and buns at the iconic Coney Island 10-minute competition last July 4 – and ESPN televised it, so it did happen — Chestnut will try to go gonzo for something we’re not even sure how to pronounce correctly.

“I’ve always called them ‘GHEE-zah’,” he said of the doughy Japanese pan-fried/steamed dumpling, not to be confused with a pot sticker.

Just say it like you mean it, and don’t talk with your mouth full.

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