Sunday media: Who had the over/under on Brent Musburger’s career diverting to Vegas at this stage?

LAS VEGAS — On the first major Saturday of the college football season, Brent Musburger was planted inside a 30-by-35 foot, floor-to-ceiling glass booth, in the middle of a hotel sports book with spotlights pointed at him.
The Vegas Stats & Information Network was on the air with “Point Spread Saturday,” streaming online ( and pouring audio over a dedicated SiriusXM channel. Copies of “Point Spread Weekly” with Musburger’s face on the cover were being distributed.
This whole setup could have been mistaken for some kind of human terrarium used in a Penn & Teller prank. But it was no illusion for those who needed their Musburger fix.
“Welcome!” he said in his familiar barker cadence opening the show. “The lines are moving and the money is flying!”
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