Sunday media: In a battle of the syntax, women’s sports on TV goes ‘stealth’

The Women’s Sports Foundation that Billie Jean King created in 1974 continues to monitor these media trends and believes in the accuracy of the data today that men comprise about 95 percent of anchors, co-anchors and analysts in televised sports news. In the newspaper/online sports business, males are 90 percent of editors, 87 percent of columnists, 87 percent of reporters and 80 percent of copy editors (per a 2014 gender report card by Richard Lapchick and his Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports).
Those numbers act as the rebar in the foundation of a tactical academic study released recently at USC entitled “From Fizzle to Sizzle! Televised Sports News and the Production of Gender-Bland Sexism.
If this all sound too boring, well, that’s really the gist of it.
More at this link …

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