NFL Week 4 in L.A. TV market: A unprecedented half-dozen games on Sunday? What did we ever to do the NFL to deserve this?

A six-game NFL Sunday? On four different channels?
What did we do to serve this punishment?
From the crack of dawn to well past last call for the season premiere of “Bob’s Burgers,” Week 4 of the NFL in L.A. is, from all estimations, unprecedented in excess.
“I’ll bet there has probably never been a Sunday in NFL history when the fans of one city had access to six games,” said Mike Mulvihill, Fox’s executive vice president of research and strategy.
Then factor in the games Thursday and Monday nights, and the eight total games involving 16 teams means we will be able to see half the entire NFL on display.
Mulvihill explained that there are four Sundays this season when a network that usually has a single Sunday game will get two games in L.A. because of how the Rams and Chargers sometimes get painted into scheduling corners.
“It’s challenging over the course of the season, but it works out fairly,” Mulvihill said. “In the end, it’s good for both networks because they all count toward national ratings, and it’s good for the fans to have access to that many games.”
This rare Sunday begins with CBS keeping its scheduled doubleheader, but it’s not really an advantage since Fox doubles up with both L.A. teams playing in different windows.
Make that, triples up, because of another game in London that will go to everyone.
What also adds to the interrupted confluence is that the second Fox game (Chargers-Eagles) will kick over to L.A. sister station KCOP, because the NFL is contractual obligated to show every minute of each L.A. team’s game to the home market. They can’t chance an overtime Rams game spilling into the Chargers’ kickoff slot.
This is how it plays out:

== New Orleans vs. Miami from Wembley Stadium in London, 6:30 a.m., Channel 11 (Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis)
Early window
== Rams at Dallas, 10 a.m., Channel 11, with Chris Myers and Daryl Johnston. It blots out Fox’s coverage of Detroit-Minnesota and Carolina-New England (Joe Buck, Troy Aikman).
== Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 10 a.m., Channel 2 (Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts). CBS picked this one instead of Buffalo-Atlanta, Tennessee-Houston, Cincinnati-Cleveland and Jacksonville-N.Y. Jets.
Late window
== Philadelphia at Chargers, 1:05 p.m., Channel 13, with Dick Stockton and Mark Schlereth. Again, the MyTV affiliate absorbs the blow here. Fox’s other games in this window that become off limits: N.Y. Giants-Tampa Bay and San Francisco-Arizona.
== Oakland at Denver, 1:25 p.m., Channel 2, with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. The only CBS late game, and our second Nantz-Romo game of the weekend (see below). The Raiders will, of course, crush the Chargers in the L.A. market going head-to-head on TV, but Fox will have to live with that.
Prime-time window
== Indianapolis at Seattle, 5:20 p.m., Channel 4 (Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya)

The other two national games of the week coming to L.A.:
= Thursday at 5:25 p.m.: Chicago at Green Bay, Channel 2 (Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, Tracy Wolfson and Jay Feely). This will be our first exposure to the network’s A1 team of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. What have we missed? Brent Musburger offered up this critique during one his VSIN shows.
= Monday at 5:30 p.m.: Washington at Kansas City, ESPN (Sean McDonough, Jon Gruden).

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