It’s Out of the Question: The Kaepernick-Ali comparison packs a bunch, but …

Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali.
In the same breath? The same conversation? Heading toward the same legacy?
It’s something we keep hearing. It’s nothing we take lightly.
But how do these men connect on the accuracy meter?
“I think there’s a huge correlation,” said Jonathan Eig, whose new expansive book, “Ali: A Life” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 606 pages, $30), doesn’t officially come out until Tuesday but has already matriculated to some book store shelves – perhaps because of the timely nature.
More at this link …

= A June, 2016 piece from the New York Times about how Ali inspires authors and included this from Eig: “There’s a ton of new material and new information that no one has come across before. I found some of it in the archives of people who interviewed him over the years, who left their note and tapes, some in court records, and some in interviews. His wives had never really discussed what their lives were like with him. … I think I’ll blow people’s minds with some of the stuff I’ve discovered about Ali, in good ways and bad ways. I think people will be shocked by the book.”
= An excerpt of the book in Sports Illustrated
= A review in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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