Sports media notes version 10.12.17: More on the DP Show 10 year marker, TBS MLB, the Enberg podcast …

Leading into the weekend by looking back at the past:

We noted in last week’s media column — what smokes — how Dan Patrick and the Danettes celebrated the 10th anniversary of his syndicated radio show with a week in L.A. at the DirecTV studios in Marina del Rey.
It was fitting because he spent the first week of the show’s launch back in Oct., 2007, at the KLAC-AM (570) studios in Burbank, trying to pitch the idea to the rest of the country.
Where does it go from here?
Having spent 18 years at ESPN, Patrick doesn’t know if there’s another 10 years left in this syndicated show, but technology and other things could change that extends its shelf life.
We talked more about how soon he will be launching a curriculum for sports broadcasters at a Winter Haven, Fla., university.
Aside from that …
Q: Where has all the time gone?
A: I was talking to my wife about the first couple of years we spent in the attic (of his house doing the show before moving to a studio in Milford, Conn.) and she loved we were there. I’d always been at ESPN and now I was at home. But (moving and branching out), it’s best thing that happened to us. We didn’t have anything, and when you do get things, you appreciate it more.
Now a man cave in Connecticut, and New York, and a TV studio in L.A. … we’ve come a long way.
Q: Was L.A. really an important place to get a beachhead at the start?

A: I remember thinking, ‘If I could succeed in L.A., then other markets would want to give it a a shot.’ That was my mindset. We capture L.A., do something different, have fun. But I based everything I was doing on succeeding in Los Angeles. I didn’t want an East Coast bias. There’s probably not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Los Angeles because of what KLAC meant to us. Plus there are always great story lines in L.A., good teams or bad teams.
Q: When you launched, the hook at the time was that you could help boost the Jim Rome show on KLAC, which aired 9-to-noon, and compete with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio. Now you lead in for Cowherd and Rome is on CBS Radio.
A: I was trying to figure out what time slot I could get, and if we went 6-to-9 a.m. in L.A. I thought I could fit into a lot of different formats around the country. With the morning drive going into Rome, he could help my numbers and I could help him. Even now leading into Colin, we help each other. It’s a business. You try to fit into a jigsaw puzzle. We’re fortunate we could do 9-to-12 eastern, and it doesn’t impact your life as much,  each day getting off at 12:30 p.m. (EDT). I mean, I’m not stupid. I may act that way sometimes, but I had an idea what I wanted to do and make it conducive to everyone.

Q: One of the constant lures to coming to L.A. was taping “Sports Jeopardy!” for Crackle. What’s the status of that show?
A: They’re on hold with that. They’re trying to figure out what the best platform is for it. But I’ve never been prouder of something I did than that. It was challenging working with the people who work on the ‘Jeopardy!” show, and what Alex Trebec does … he’s Tom Brady with the duration of the show, but I think his uniqueness is Aaron Rodgers. You are a quarterback back there and he has this ability to make it look a whole lot easier than it really is. He was very helpful giving me guidance. I hope we can continue it — we did over 100 shows and I’d like to be able to bring that back. We didn’t get the amount of traffic on Crackle we hoped for.
Q: What’s the draw to come to L.A. now?
A: I just love the atmosphere. It’s good to get the Danettes out of the comfort zone. We’re all together, traveling, eating. When we’re back (at Connecticut) the show’s over and you go your separate ways, to your families and young kids. Now you’re forced to be with each other constantly. I never want to lose that. You fly five or six hours to L.A., be away from the family … but at least twice or three times a year it’s great to repay the L.A. market, bring in L.A.-based guests. Next time we are thinking of coming out is the NBA All-Star game in L.A. (in Feb, 2018).
Q: The 6-to-9 a.m. window in L.A. really seems to work for you, both on radio and TV. Did you envision that simulcast option working?
A: There’s something to having a captive audience (in traffic) and you hope they watch a little of the show, then get into the car. We’re still doing a TV show, but I tell everyone, do the show for radio. TV is just showing what’s going on. Not playing to TV. They understand the sensibilities to it.


== Dick Enberg, who launched a new podcast, “Sound of Success” with Vin Scully as the guest in a 20-minute conversation posted Thursday, will be inducted into the West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame in a ceremony Sunday, in recognition of all the events he used to call for KTLA-Channel 5 from the old Olympic Auditorium during the mid 1960s with Mickey Davies as his colorman. The event takes place at the Garland Hotel Event Center in North Hollywood from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information at this link.
On top of all that, Enberg also has submitted a first draft of a new book, “Being Ted Williams,” a tribute to his baseball hero, scheduled to come out in May, 2018.
As for the podcast, Enberg says: “Regrettably, I thought we had 45 minutes, but a busy Vin could only give 20. As you can imagine, we could have gone hours. Nevertheless, 20 minutes with Scully was golden.
“On each episode I’ll do a closing “Echo,” playing off the title of the podcasts and I’ll tie in a personal experience with the guest and topic. It has my adrenal glands pumping and might even tighten a synapse or two.”

== If you’re like us, and the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal, weary of having to squint at the TBS graphic during the NLDS, we shall see if they make more adjustments to it when the NLCS starts Saturday at 5 p.m. with Game 1 at Dodger Stadium and Game 2 at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Brian Anderson will do play-by-play with Ron Darling as the analyst and Sam Ryan in the dugouts.

== Fox Sports reports the Yankees-Indians and Red Sox-Astros ALDS was the most watched division series in FS1’s brief history, averaging 3.8 million viewers over the seven games played. That’s up three percent over the Dodgers-involved NLDS on FS1 last year (3.69 million). The Yankees-Indians Game 5 drew 7.6 million viewers on FS1, Fox Deportes and Fox Sports Go. It was the most-watched division-series game since the Dodgers-Cubs Game 6 of last season.


== Our look at Week 6 in the L.A. TV market: Will anyone own up to Rams, Chargers going head to head. Why is that necessary?

== So how did “PFT Commenter” become the unintentional president of the new school of sports media? Ask Rolling Stone.


== Our look at Week 7 in the L.A. market: USC should be thankful it has a prime-time game going nationally, even if ABC’s A-team doesn’t deem it worthy.

== Live events on the Pac-12 Network include:
= UCLA women’s soccer vs. Utah, Thursday at 8 p.m. (Christian Miles, Temryss Lane)
= USC women’s soccer vs. Colorado, Friday at 4 p.m. (Christian Miles, Temryss Lane)
= UCLA women’s volleyball vs. Stanford, Friday at 6 p.m, (Anne Marie Anderson, Al Scates)
= UCLA women’s volleyball vs. Cal, Saturday at 6 p.m. (Anne Marie Anderson)
= USC women’s volleyball vs. Stanford, Sunday at 3 p.m. (Anne Marie Anderson, Al Scates)
= UCLA men’s soccer vs. San Diego State, Sunday at 5 p.m. (Jim Watson, Mark Rogondino)


== Fox Sports West has Mater Dei vs. St. John Bosco from El Camino College at 7:30 p.m. Friday with Sam Farber, John Jackson and Chris Rix.
The games starting at 7 p.m. on the PrepZone streaming:
= Santiago vs. Centennial (Dennis Ackerman, Brock Vereen)
= Chaparral vs. Murrieta Valley (Fred Salas, Ralph Brown)
= JSerra vs. Orange Lutheran (Paul Westphal, Chris Hale)
= Sierra Canyon vs. Calabasas (David Caldwell, Tony Moskal)
FSW has also announced it will have Bishop Amat vs. Serra on Oct. 20, with PrepZone games including JSerra-Mater Dei, Palm Desert-La Quinta, El Segundo-Lawndale, and Santa Ynez-Lompoc.


== NBA Digital and Laguna Beach-based NextVR announced they will do 27 live games in virtual reality this coming season available on NBA League Pass. SCNG reporter Bill Oram wrote about this VR experience last January.
There is a free preview of a game between Dallas and Houston on Oct. 21. The system will also have something called “NextVR Screening Room” where viewers can watch any NBA League Pass game on a virtual movie theater-sized screen.

== And this:


== We’ve not known Bob Ley to overstate much but …

== Fox Sports felt compelled Wednesday morning to release a statement about how it felt about its huge investment to cover the 2018 World Cup in Russia — one that now doesn’t have the U.S. team qualified to play in it:
“Last night’s World Cup qualifying results do not change FOX Sports’ passion for the world’s biggest sporting event. While the U.S. was eliminated, the biggest stars in the world from Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo stamped their tickets to Russia on the same day, and will battle teams ranging from Mexico to England that have massive fan bases in America. The World Cup is the greatest sporting event on earth that changes the world for one month every four years, and FOX Sports remains steadfast in our commitment of bringing the games to America for the first time in 2018 and will continue to support the U.S. Soccer Federation as they look ahead to the 2022 World Cup.”
Fox is reportedly paying upwards to $500 million for the next three World Cups.
It leads to our favorite tweet of the week:

== Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket has secured former Galaxy star Cobi Jones for two Big West soccer games, starting with Cal Poly at UC Santa Barbara men (Saturday, 7 p.m., Prime Ticket with Mark Rogondino). He also has the conference women’s final at Cal State Northridge on Nov. 5 (1 p.m., FSW, with Christian Miles).


== Say it ain’t so: ESPN couldn’t make it work for a 24-hour college basketball TV marathon this year. Meaning, we can sleep easy knowing kids can sleep in and aren’t getting exploited.

== Leigh Diffey, Townsend Bell and Will Christien have the call on the Red Bull Global RallyCross from the Port of L.A. (3011 Miner St., San Pedro) on Saturday from 1:30-to-3 p.m. on Channel 4. More info on the event at this link.

== Is there really 10 ways to “spot a hack writer”?

== Are we right, or are we wrong, about millennial sports fans consume?

== All this time, we failed to realize Michele Tafoya was “a sports reporter in a man’s world” until the Minneapolis Star-Tribune decided to fame it that way in this story. What also came to some light in this piece: The Manhattan Beach native says she a “pro-choice conservative with libertarian leanings” who also does work for classic rock KQRS-FM.
The story includes:
She’s said that NBC Sports is fine with her political advocacy, but did ask her to remove “NBC Sports” from her Twitter bio. It reads: Sports Reporter. KQRS contributor. Wanna-be Stoic. Hunting for civility.

==  ESPN added Greg Wyshynski, who spent the last nine years as the editor-in-chief of Puck Daddy on Yahoo! Sports, to cover the NHL across its platforms starting Monday.

== ESPN announced it will have a new19,000-square foot production studio up and running in lower Manhattan at Pier 17– at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge — starting this spring to do “multiple studio shows” as well as “radio, radio on TV, news hits and social segments.”

== And there is this:

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