NFL Week 11 in the L.A. TV market: Rams at least don’t have to worry about Carolina getting intel

A few things come into play here the week before we are encouraged by tradition to tear apart a turkey:

== Greg Olsen may not be a spy, but it would appear as if he’s playing one on TV this weekend.
The Carolina Panthers three-time Pro Bowl tight end has the week off, and he’s on injured reserve with a broken foot.
So as long as he’s sitting around, Fox asked if he’d like to join the TV booth for the regional coverage of the Rams-Vikings game in Minnesota this Sunday.
Great move, unless you’re the Vikings, and play the Panthers on Dec. 10.
Or, as Charley Waters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote: “Fox Sports has had the audacity — or ignorance — to allow a current NFL player to be a game analyst during a bye week for an opponent his team is still to play this season.”
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