HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode 4: Rock, paper, scissors means Gullickson knows who’ll get cut

RockRock Gullickson, the Rams’ seventh-season strength and conditioning coach, was conditioned to keep checking his cell phone.
“These days, cuts are high tech,” says HBO “Hard Knocks’ narrator Liev Schreiber. “If your name is in his in-box, you’re out the door.”
Earlier in Tuesday’s fourth episode of the documentary series chronicling the Rams’ return to Los Angeles, assistant coach Brandon Fisher, son of the head coach, drove a golf cart through the local Irvine In-N-Out and placed a $76 order.
The order of the week for his father Jeff Fisher and the Rams, per NFL rules, was to cut down from 90 to 75 players after Saturday’s exhibition game in Denver.
HBOHardKnocks1By 5:50 a.m. Sunday, just hours after the flight home, there was HBO’s cameras following around Gullickson, a man so admired by Brett Favre that he was mentioned in the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s recent Hall of Fame induction speech, doing the otherwise thankless job of having to inform a player that “coach wants to see you.”
The Rams didn’t release their cuts until Tuesday morning, hours before they had to do it. Some media members knew of them by Monday night and reported it. But HBO had it down before anyone, able to capture the array of intense, emotional moments that some of the 15 players experienced who didn’t make it to Week 4 of the exhibition season.
It made up only about 10 minutes of the hour-long show, and was saved for the end, but the build-up to that moment was going to happen and everyone knew it, especially those who’ve seen the previous 10 seasons of the HBO series.
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How the media almost outnumbered the scouts on Tim Tebow Baseball Day at USC

FullSizeRenderI’m the skeptic with the red, white and blue L.A. Angels cap, as my iPhone fries in the heat trying to capture comments from Tim Tebow about an hour after he did his workout in front of about 100 media members and scouts, who all got to be talent evaluators for the day. While Dedeaux Field at USC was the home base for this sprint/field/hitting exhibition, the rest of the nation seemed to be more than just curious about how this would play out.
Here’s our take.
Others worth taking a look at:
= Yahoo!Sports (Tim Brown)
= The New York Times
= USA Today
= The New York Post
= The Washington Post
= And Skip Bayless with Fox Sports behind him
And as of Tuesday night, he’s still trending on Twitter.

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Sunday media: How Josh Lewis, Kenny Albert became the Rand McNally of sports broadcasters

0828_SPO_LDN-L-MEDIA-0828And you thought O.J. Simpson was the only broadcaster who used to zip through airports because he had some hookup with a certain rental car company?
What hurts most for guys like Josh Lewin and Kenny Albert these days is what air travel doesn’t align with their broadcast schedule.
Lewin starts his new job with UCLA football this coming Saturday, but before he gets there, his travel itinerary looks like this:
= Thursday, Sept. 1: After calling the Mets-Miami 7:10 p.m. EDT game from CitiField in New York on Wednesday night, he’s on a 6 a.m. flight from New York to San Diego and call the Chargers-49ers exhibition game that night at Qualcomm Stadium, 7 p.m. PDT.
= Friday, Sept. 2: A 6 a.m. PDT flight out of LAX back to New York, call Mets’ home game against Washington that night, 7:10 p.m. EDT.
= Saturday, Sept. 3: A 5 a.m. EDT flight from New York to Houston, landing at 7:20 a.m. CDT, followed by about a 100-mile drive north to College Station, Tex., with an anticipated 9:20 a.m. arrival for 2:30 p.m. kickoff CDT for UCLA-Texas A&M contest.
= Sunday, Sept. 4: A 7 a.m. CDT flight back to New York to call Mets-Washington game, which, because ESPN has it for “Sunday Night Baseball,” has an 8:08 p.m. EDT first pitch. Travel that night with the team charter to Cincinnati to call Mets-Reds game on Labor Day, which has an early 1:10 p.m. EDT first pitch.
“Boom,” Lewin punctuates it after rattling off the schedule.
Here’s more on how he pulls it off at this link ...

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It’s Out of the Question: How long before Tebow lands on the Dodgers’ roster?

0827_SPO_LDN-L-QUESTIONS-0827It almost seems unnatural, the Tim Tebow, the former Heisman winner and NFL quarterback deemed mechanically disinclined from throwing a football, is all the sudden ready to reinvent himself as a professional baseball player.
Is it all a ruse? Would he be better served playing independent league baseball rather than putting on an elaborate tryout for scouts (and the media) in L.A. on Tuesday?We question the motivation here, at this link …

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