Sunday media: 75 years later, why Hollywood’s version of ‘The Pride of the Yankees’ has Gary Cooper etched in history as Lou Gehrig

On one side of La Cienega Blvd., in Beverly Hills sits the classic mission-like structure that houses the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ research facility. Across the street is the baseball diamond at La Cienega Park.

It wasn’t lost on Richard Sandomir as he poured over files in the Margaret Herrick Library room to complete his new book, “The Pride of the Yankees: Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper and the Making of a Classic.” When the moment struck, he could walk a few hundred feet to the area of what is now a dressed-up Little League field and try to imagine how parts of this movie actually happened.

“It obviously doesn’t look as close to what it once did, but I would go over there and look around for angles that would make me think, ‘Maybe this is where Gary Cooper was standing’,” said the New York Times’ former sports media columnist, referring to where famed film maker Sam Goldwyn tried to recreate the New York Yankees’ St. Petersburg, Fla., spring training site.

It became an important scene in the 1942 classic. More at this link …

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It’s Out of the Question: The Trout Slip-n-Slide routine, as billboard material?

Looking at the big picture, Mike Trout knows the right way to slide.
Billboards don’t lie, and baseball irony doesn’t escape us. Thumbs up to both.
Months ago, the Angels invested in a large signage campaign around town showing their perennial MVP candidate going feet-first into something of substance … a few yards more, and he’d be in the middle of the 405/91 interchange.
No other caption is necessary, nor do we need any disclaimer that no franchise players were harmed in the creation of that outdoor marketing campaign.
The damage was done when the perennial MVP candidate went the other way into second base last week, and he needs at least another month to recover from surgery for a torn ligament in his left thumb.
The team has very little left to promote unless Albert Pujols hits another 600 homers over the next few weeks.
Billionaire billboard baron Arte Moreno, who sold off that company years ago and cashed in on Angels’ ownership, might be the kind of guy to demand a refund (see: Hamilton, Josh) but in this case, he should keep that Trout image up there add the tag line: Drive home safely.
Not to go slide-ways on this, but why is it again they call it a head-first slide? Inevitably, the player isn’t remotely using his head, or what’s inside of it, through the entire process.

More at this link …

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Sports media notes version 06.07.17: Chargers strike twice with surprise radio broadcaster picks, and more

What’s worth posting before the weekend rolls in:

Josh Lewin, left, and Nick Hardwick, working for the Chargers in 2016. (Photo:

== Several layers of surprises unfolded with the Chargers’ decision, in concert with new media partner iHeart, to reconfigure the radio broadcast team heading into their first year back in L.A. this fall.
The formal announcement came Monday morning: Matt “Money” Smith had been slotted into the play-by-play role and Nick Hardwick was returning as the analyst.
As a result, Josh Lewin, doing play-by-play for the franchise the last 12 years, and now based in San Diego with his wife so he could near his new football and basketball radio job with UCLA, has been replaced.

Also for the record, Lewin says: “I understand and respect their desire to brand the broadcast with an established L.A. voice, and they made the perfect choice with Money. He’s a quick study and great talent, and he’s also a friend. I will do whatever I can to help him and the team move forward.
“The Chargers will always be part of who I am.  I was honored and thrilled to have served them and their fans for all that time, and I hope I helped create some happy memories for people to enjoy. That’s what this job is all about, capturing excitement and stamping the memorable moments. I wish the team and their supporters nothing but the best always.”
However, Lewin is said to be more frustrated that he was not asked for input on how he might overcome some physical logistics that dictate he wouldn’t be available to do appearances in L.A. this summer — he continues his job on New York Mets radio, every April-to-October since 2012.
An industry source told us: “I think Josh is surprised that the train left the station without him. I know he would have loved the chance to state his case for why he and the team should have all grown old together. Regarding the Chargers, he was loyal to a fault.” Continue reading “Sports media notes version 06.07.17: Chargers strike twice with surprise radio broadcaster picks, and more” »

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Sports media notes version 05.31.17: In deference to Deford, a surfers’ salute to Severson, and more

News of note heading into the weekend:

Not much else to add to the bluster of prose surfacing in the wake of Frank Deford’s passing over Memorial Day weekend.
Deford make it look easy and stylish as Clark Gable with a typewriter, getting to the human stories and nuances, finding the hypocrisy and the beauty of the subject at the same time, and the rest of us were duped into thinking we might try to do it just as suavely.
We are left with snippets of things we’ve collected over the last few days that resonated with us. Like this tweet from the SCNG’s Joey Kaufman:

It’s an excerpt from an Alexander Wolff column, which we can add to this list of our favorites thus far:
= From Charlie Pierce for
= By Sally Jenkins in the Washington Post (subscription necessary, and worth the expense)
= From The New Yorker
= David Zirin of The Nation wrote about Deford’s “wicked grace.”
= From Bryan Curtis at The Ringer
= There were two pieces by former employer NPR

Sadly, it didn’t so. After having been scooped on the news of Deford’s passing by the Washington Post, SI has a cover previewing the NBA Finals.

Continue reading “Sports media notes version 05.31.17: In deference to Deford, a surfers’ salute to Severson, and more” »

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Sunday media: Managing the DVR series manager means someone doesn’t make the cut

When the Series Manager on the DVR is in need of serious management, it’s time to pause.
What’s still relevant? What is becoming stale? What needs to go?
This sports subset of our working list, as it turns out, was clogged full of electronic dust bunnies. Keep HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday” or CBSSN’s “Rome,” but only for trivial reasons? Nope.
At a time when ESPN is purging, FS1 is submerging, other nets are converging and what’s left is too many other uploaded shows floating downstream, we’ve tried to rationalize this process on what stays and what’s deleted based on current needs, wants and guilty pleasures.
Compare and contrast to your own menus and make your cases:

More at thls link. ….

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