France: Staying at the salt factory, renting a flat in Paris

Our apartment had an incredible view of the Right Bank

Our apartment had an incredible view of the Right Bank

By Staff Writer Larry Wilson

We enjoyed our stay at Arc-et-Senans, the eccentric inland salt factory built by the royal architect Claude Ledoux, now a World Heritage Site, quite out of the way and on few travelers’ itineraries.

Exotic, even.

And considering the price, and the room size, of Parisian hotels, it was fun to check out the many apartments now available through websites such as

I had a fixation on staying on the smaller and quieter of the two islands in the middle of the Seine, the Ile St. Louis, and Phoebe finally landed an apartment that had both Wi-Fi and an incredible view of the Right Bank as we were right on the river.

One floor to walk up as the elevator terminus is the fourth, but that was OK. And because she had extra time, Phoebe got over there a few days early to scope out the island and the town where she studied art history.

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