German traditions and customs are theme for 2015

Many regional traditions and customs are still alive and well in Germany today. Having long been a manufacturing nation, Germany places special emphasis on handcrafted products, and its volkfest festivals are unlike anything else in the world.

At funfairs, festivals and Christmas markets, visitors can experience a wealth of traditions that are deeply rooted in society. These include regional dishes and traditional dress as well as art, music and culture.

According to the latest Quality Monitor survey of the German tourism industry, the traditions and history of a region are among the top ten reasons cited by international visitors for choosing their holiday destination.

That is why the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has decided to put the Traditions and Customs theme at the center of its global sales and marketing activities in 2015.

“Traditions and customs are an integral part of Germany’s appeal as a cultural destination, while also being key facets of the core Destination Germany brand,” says Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the GNTB. “The idea of our themed campaign for 2015 is to make travelers more aware of this.”

The campaign promoting traditions and customs will highlight three aspects in 2015. One of these is culinary Germany with regional cuisine.

The second comprises the living traditions in Destination Germany, which are reflected in its huge number of festivals – from carnivals and cultural events to marksmen’s parades and theatre extravaganzas. Traditional costume and dance play an important part in this.

The third key theme of the campaign is arts and crafts, and this will give international travelers a deeper insight into music, handicrafts and craft villages in Germany.

The campaign will be promoted internationally, both online and offline. The main focus will be the GNTB’s website

An events database is also being created, which will include dates and events related to the 2015 theme of Traditions and Customs.

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