Quick guide to skiing in Chile

Destination.com offers this quick guide:

Are you a snow sports fan visiting Chile soon? Well, we’ve got some options for you to have fun skiing and they’re all near Santiago, so you can also get your fix of urban tourism and make the most of your trip.

Near Santiago you’ll find 5 snow sports centers, with great access and equipment:

Valle Nevado: 44km away from Santiago. It has 39 trails divided in children, begginers, advanced and experts.

El Colorado and Farellones: these are 2 centers interconnected, 32 km away from Santiago. El Colorado has 70 trails and Farellones has 4.

La Parva: located 38km away from Santiago and it has 24 trails; they offer arrangement to combine its trails with the ones in Valle Nevado.

Portillo: located 164 km away from Santiago, it has 35 trails.

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