Grand Tetons: Put this national park on your must-see list

By Steve Scauzillo, Staff Writer

Fishermen, hunters and naturalists don’t need to read what I’m writing about because chances are they’ve been there.

They’ve fished its lazy rivers. Hunted for game. Peered through binoculars in the freezing cold for a glimpse at the fleeting pronghorn elk.

It’s Grand Teton National Park.

This preserved, not totally pristine but picturesque wonder of the national park system receives plenty of popularity from the specialized outdoor adventurers but might be overlooked by family vacationers.

They’d rather go to Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, one of those awe-inspiring parks in Utah and of course, Yellowstone National Park. But you might want to put Grand Teton on your list of must-see natural places, even if pitching a tent or bird-watching in the rain ain’t your thing.

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