This is a hot topic. The LA Times recently did a great article about it.,1,6268794.story

I have to admit, I actually have an account …

Here’s the thing, I find it useful to contact the athletes I cover using Myspace as a method. Sometimes going straight to myspace is easier than going to a coach or thru the school.
Many of the all-stars in this year’s Tribune/Star-News All-Star Basketball Classic were contacted by me via myspace to relay info about the game.
Rather than calling 30 different athletes, I can send out a bulletin on myspace to tell let them know when/where practice is.
There are safety concerns. How do you really know who is talking to your son or daughter? What about pedaphiles? Indeed, there are some valid concerns. But what’s the difference between myspace and going to the mall? That’s just one thought that I came up with. I am sure some of you have takes on the growing myspace hysteria.

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