5,496 hits since this blog opened on April 10 …

This is what I felt like doing when I heard the numbers!

SGVN Internet coordinator Adrian Guerrero has informed me that this blog has had nearly 5,500 hits since it opened on April 10. Thank you all!

Those are some big time numbers, folks! I don’t want to brag, but you’ve really come to the right place for prep sports opinion and info. I have no problem with this blog branching out to other areas of SoCal, or remaining local to the SGV.
If you want it to turn into “the place” for swimming discussion, that’s fine. It can be whatever people make of it and more.
The swimming contingent has been the most vocal thus far, and it’s going to start paying off this week.

The one thing I would like is MORE COMMENTS. You can remain anonymous, use a fake email, I don’t care. Just don’t bash high school kids and we’re cool. Anything else, including me or the Tribune, is fair game.

Guys, chill out! Save it for when we pass 10,000 in another two weeks.

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