Covina vs. South Hills last season … Who would have won?

BUT FIRST A DIATRIBE: When I go cover a game I often form opinions about the teams, players and coaches, most of which doesn’t come out in my game story. Or at least they’re not supposed to. Anyway, a game story isn’t supposed to include Aram Tolegian’s opinion of a team, its players and coaches. It’s supposed to be “here’s the final score, this is what happened, and my best explanation of why.” Only in columns do my opinions come out. But columns (in print) are rare. However, I do often wonder the same things that fans do. But in game stories I can’t say what I really think, only what happened. And sometimes there just isn’t enough to say to fill a column. That’s why I have this blog. This is what I truly think. If you no likey, then post a counter argument. If you really no likey, then kick rocks. There are plenty of other places in Al Gore’s Internet where you can go be miserable. I also have this blog because I like to read the opinions of others, no matter if we agree or disagree.

And now to down to business. This is really the last chance to discuss what would’ve happened had South Hills played Covina last season.
On one side you have the CIF-SS Division VII champs in South Hills and on the other you have Division IX semifinalist Covina. They’re from the same darn school district!!!
Uh, I saw both teams extensively this season. Here’s how it is:


Record: 11-2, undefeated Valle Vista League champs.
Points per game: 43.3
Points allowed: 13.1
Notable wins: beat Pacifica 49-21.
Common opponents: Walnut (Covina won 47-3, South Hills won 37-13).

Covina also would have won Division VII.
Covina lost to Tesoro in the semis, which went on to win the division for the second consecutive season. Tesoro will be in Division I next season.
Covina beats Tesoro if it’s not raining that night. And then the Colts would’ve gone on to win the division.
Covina’s speed would have caused South Hills some major problems.
Covina had undoubtedly the Valley’s Player of the Year in QB Mike McDonough.
Covina’s best testament of its strength arguably came in losses to Glendora and Tesoro. That’s a Division II team in Glendora that hung with Hart and a soon-to-be Division I team in Tesoro, which Covina pushed to the brink.

ANOTHER DIATRIBE: Save the “But, Covina is Division IX” crap for somebody who cares. The Colts would’ve waxed any team in the area not named Bishop Amat or South Hills. If they played Glendora in November, instead of September when they spotted the Tartans a 35-0 lead in a 35-27 loss, Covina would’ve won.

I wonder who Walnut’s coaching staff thinks was better – South Hills or Covina? If anybody on that staff is reading, please let me know.


Record: 12-2, undefeated San Antonio League champs.
Points per game: 36
Points allowed: 16
Notable wins: beat La Habra 14-9, beat Rowland 40-20, beat South El Monte 70-21, beat Orange 41-16.
Common opponents: Walnut (Covina won 47-3, South Hills won 37-13).

South Hills has the best coaching staff in the Valley. It would’ve been amazing to see Coach Steve Bogan gameplan for Covina’s offense.
South Hills played Division I power Esperanza to the wire before losing late.
South Hills’ offensive/defensive lines – physically – would laugh at Covina after having played Espy and Rancho Cucamonga. Not saying Covina didn’t have good offensive and defensive lines. But South Hills was on another level.
South Hills would have won Division VI.
South Hills’ running game, led by Marquies “Don’t call me Marquis” Winbush, would’ve done some damage in this game.

I think South Hills would’ve won a very, very close game. Covina would’ve popped some big plays for scores. But South Hills just didn’t make mistakes this season and the Huskies created/capitalized on mistakes better than any team I’ve seen in a while. The West Covina game comes to mind.
My vibe is the rest of the Valley didn’t quite realize just how good Covina was last season. I am confident in saying the Colts would’ve beaten Damien, Glendora (in a rematch), Los Altos, Rowland and Charter Oak. And I’m not sure some of those games would’ve been close.

Colts QB Mike McDonough

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