Is “Football: The Real OC” overrated???

Am I the only person in the SGV who feels like the OC is a totally different world?
I really like Orange County’s intensity toward high school sports. I like the fans, I like the OC Register, I like the dedication, I like Disneyland, I like my NL-only fantasy baseball league which is based out of North Orange County, I like Newport Beach in August … I just like it all.

One local coach semi-remarked that it’s like what the SGV was in the 1970s. I don’t know about that because I wasn’t born until 1975, but I do get the general vibe.
I don’t know if it’s me, but when it comes to football, I just pick up something of a stigma that OC teams have. But is the stigma worth it? Am I way off base? Maybe it doesn’t exist and my Juan Pollo just settled wrong.
I just keep getting this poker vibe (you know the one where you have a king-high flush and you know the guy across from you has the ace-high flush) which tells me that there is a bit of a stigma to OC teams.
Again, is it worth it? I went back to last year and looked at the CIF champions. Going in I thought the OC probably won five or six titles. Wrong! It won two – Newport Harbor (DVI) and Tesoro (DIX). OC teams were runner-up four times.
I know, I know, that was only one year. But Mission Viejo is overrated every year. Three years ago they stiffed against Hart. Two years ago they won D-II. Last year they were big favorites and choked in the semis against Hart. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Mission Viejo the marquee team in the OC now?
No doubt, the OC has produced juggernaut after juggernaut. The question here is: Are they good but overrated at the same time?
Look, I don’t want any Slade Smileys in the OC reading this and getting pink-faced while driving his Hummer over the flowers in his front yard on his way to the Tribune office. I have a lot of respect for the OC teams. I can’t say it enough. And I love the large fan base associated with many of the schools. I am just wondering if the region is overrated? That’s all.

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