Kirsty “Don’t Call Me Kristy” Ferrell represented for the D-I locals …

It’s very important for all of you to know that the athletes discussed or pictured on this Web site are getting some excellent exposure and props due to the sick amount of hits this blog continues to receive.

That’s a “Kristy”

This is a “Kirsty”

Next, Kirsty Ferrell swam lights out last night, but she was slightly behind a freak. Automatic All-American times for Ferrell, though, and she will be involved on Tuesday at Masters.
Alex Verdegem (Damien) and Chris Quemena (Arcadia) also had good nights. The SGV was kind of light the rest of the day.
It was only further established that Long Beach is the future home of yours truly. It occurred to me when I walked in, and I said this to CIF Media Relations Director Thom Simmons upon arrival, I really should have just gotten a hotel room somewhere around Ocean Blvd and stayed overnight since I will be back later today to cover D-II finals today. And the stay could’ve been further extended to Tuesday, since I will be there again for Masters.
Minus the chlorine and press accomodations, I had a great time. Nancy Ferrell, you continue to be a godsend.

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