OK, now I’m MAD!!!! Shrine Game can buzz off!

The more I let this Fryer column marinate, the more ticked off I get.

1. Why are Shrine Game organizers enlisting the help of a sportswriter to field rosters for THEIR game?

2. What is Fryer doing accepting the offer anyway? We sportswriters report the news, we don’t make it. Why do you think AP doesn’t want to be considered anymore in the BCS selecion process>
Side note: Yes, I have some say in the Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic, but that’s MY COMPANY’S GAME. This isn’t the OC Register Shrine Game … at least not yet.

3. Where’s the game played? The SGV, not flippin’ Orange County.

4. Was Fryer chosen to be the Orange County liaison to the selection committee or was he going to help select all of the players, as in from ALL THE OTHER SCHOOLS IN SOCAL he doesn’t cover?

5. How much advance consideration does the OC Register give to the game? The Tribune’s coverage of this game FAR EXCEEDS that of any other newspaper in SoCal. Last year, I wrote two features leading up to game day and a preview of the game on game day. That’s right, I’ll take credit for a percentage of the seats that were filled by local fans (again, the game is played in the SGV). And I will then shift that credit to my editor Doug Spoon, who probably doesn’t understand why I push for blowout coverage of this game. That’s about to stop, so it’s a non-issue for future games.
Meanwhile, the Shrine Game is lucky to even have a 6-inch advance of their event in the Times or Register. So why enlist the help of the Register’s main prep guy?
Oh, I get it. Because if Fryer has involvement, then that means the Register might supply more coverage and lead-up which could then lead to an OC contingent of fans making their way to the SGV for the game.

The answer is right in Fryer’s colum …

“I was invited to be part of the Shrine Game player selection meeting Jan.23. Organizers said they really wanted to improve the quality of the game, and that I could help. It’s a game with a great history, and it’s played for charity, so I complied.”

Is that what Shrine Game organizers think will save their floundering game – A HUGE OC INFLUENCE? It must be because they got Fryer to help save the day.
How ridiculous is that? Why even play the game in the SGV? Why not move it to Santa Ana College? Let the players practice at Mater Dei.

I respect Steve Fryer. I enjoy reading his columns and I know he takes a lot of heat from an often hostile OC readership. I really enjoy the OC Register’s coverage of prep sports, too.
I think Fryer showed a lot of courage even writing his latest column. I can imagine certain people weren’t happy about it. But he has some blame in this, too. Merely showing up to the selection meeting opened a can of worms that never should’ve been opened.

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