One last thing from Elizabeth Botello before she jets …

If you stood in places like this, deep thoughts would come to you also.

Adios, Elizabeth. Have a great year at Cal.

Appearances AREN’T Everything
By Elizabeth Botello

A regular uniform for a female high school athlete can take on a life of its own. I mean, girls see the uniform as just a piece of fabric they can manipulate. An obvious example is volleyball girls hiking their shorts up a little too high.

Letterman’s jackets can be flaunted because athletes deserve to show off their accomplishments. But, now athletes wear their uniforms to school on game days. The act isn’t a problem until I wonder, being a girl, “Why does she need to show off?” At points, shorts are too revealing, jerseys are too tight and softball socks are pulled up too high. And really, let’s face it; I think this is done for the high school boys who just might take an interest in us. It’s as if female athletes are saying, “Look at me, I’m a varsity athlete.” There is absolutely no need to, girls. We know you have skills.

In the first half of the 20th century, when jerseys consisted of skirts, nothing seemed to be taken out of context. The uniform was just that, and nothing else. Nothing spectacular. But now it’s taken on a life of its own. Girls do it to show off their gams, their bust, their butts. I used to see this happen all around me when I went to Walnut High. Suddenly, girls not only have to prepare themselves mentally for a game, but prepare their outfits, I mean uniforms, for all who fill the stands. But really, they do it for the cute guy who they might meet or a crush.

And it doesn’t stop after they roll their shorts up three times. The make-up bag is also in order. It finds its way out of the locker, out of the backpack.

I remember a girl lining her eyes before a track meet. It was crazy, her in her track uniform and suit with purple eye shadow on. What’s the point? The powdery cosmetic will run or smear all over your lids as soon as you break a sweat. It’s pointless to waste perfectly good make-up from MAC or Sephora to look “dolled-up” at a track meet, or any other sporting event.

Not all girls put make-up on or try to enhance the way a uniform should hug the body. Many don’t, but some do. Does it mean the girls with no make-up care more about their sport than the one’s who do? I don’t know.

I think coaches see this and wonder why their girl athletes do it, because they really don’t need too. The girls in uniform should face it, or maybe they just need me to spell it out. If you already work out for a sport, you’re going to look great. You keep yourself fit while doing something you love. So don’t even hassle with your appearance. You’ll look good either way.

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