Don’t forget your mouthpiece …

… Monday is the first day of practice.

Several SGV teams begin fall practice for the 2006 season on Monday.

I’ve spent the past week talking to several area coaches. The juices are definitely flowing. Some, not all, teams playing Week 0 games are opening on Monday. I’ll be sleeping, of course, when they take the field. But by the time I get to the office, the first sessions will have already been completed. Unless you’re interested in seeing kids run, get yelled at and puke, these practices really don’t provide much for fans. But later in the week, the pads will come on and that’s when the passing league hype officially ends.

Be on the lookout for three very good articles in the Trib this week. Two are about new coaches and their programs and one will be about the start of practice. It’s about damn time!

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