If you’re not excited now, you never will be …

Check it: Our first glimpse of new Los Altos running back Ira Thomas

He came from Chino Hills on a mission. The mission is to ease the pain of James Davis transferring out.

I GOOFED AND PUT SEPT. 2 INSTEAD OF SEPT. 1 FOR THE WEEK 0 GAMES. IT’S SEPT. 1 (not my first screw up and certainly won’t be my last).

Listen the hell up … the www.sgvtribune.com home page has a new feature that shows the Top 5 most read stories daily with links. It’s called “Click Picks.” I know, the gimmick title needs work. Anyway, I am going to be quite sour if prep sports stories like mine from today aren’t consistently in the Top 5 and mostly No. 1. All of you need to get re-acquainted with the sgvtribune.com/preps page. It’s going to be off the hook this year. I’m telling you!

Next, if you’re a South El Monte fan, you’re not going to want to click on this thread and continue reading … if you’re an Amat fan, let me show you a group of guys who don’t give a crap about golden As, Pat Haden and how bright Amat will shine …

yup, there he is on the far left, linebacker Joe Morales. He would’ve been the cornerstone to SEM’s team this year. Joe transferred to St. Paul where he will continue to be one of the top LBs around. And, I’m sure he’s looking forward to a meet and greet with Amat RB Dominique Gaisie on Sept. 1.

You’re not dying. You just feel like Aram after 15 minutes of Tae-Bo.

I spoke to four influential people on Monday.

1. Greg Gano – I got LA’s preview info and Gano trying to pull a fast one (see below).
2. Mark Verti – I got Amat’s practice schedule.
3. Bill Zernickow – I got a lesson in how the Wing-T can actually produce a receiver with good stats.
4. Freddie Robledo – I got nothing.

Back to Gano, I found out that there’s two frosh on this year’s varsity team who are going to develop into good players.
Gano was giving me his top returnees and newcomers and at the very end he does this: “Oh, and we got a couple of freshman. The first is Terrell Dulberry and the second is Donte Webb.”
Huh? ” What the hell is that?” I said to him with some bad words mixed in. “You go thru all these names and then tries to slide in two frosh who are going to eventually set the world on fire?”
I love it! Webb is supposed to start at receiver … this year!

Hey Amat coaches, does this shot help your scouting any?

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