I visited two practices yesterday … (South Hills and Amat) …

… it would’ve been three, but I drove by West Covina and nobody was out there. That was at 5, so I assume they started at 6. Or maybe even next week. I will go back next week.

It’s funny, Glendora’s Mark Pasquarella told me NOT to come to Tartans practice. Not that I’ll listen, though. See you guys next week, too.

Anyway, yesterday’s first stop was at South Hills. The Huskies weren’t in pads, which soured me. But I don’t make practice plans for area teams (yet). Coach Bogan ran over and said “Hello” and also accused me of spying for Los Altos. He asked where my camera was. I’ve said it before, but there’s just nobody more prepared than Bogan. And you could see why even at this practice. The guy just doesn’t mess around and his staff is outstanding. Believe me, when you’ve watched enough practices, you can tell what’s a good staff and what isn’t.

I’m not sure of names. I was watching from afar with my man Corey, who should find himself vying for “Coach James” status at another school real soon as the team’s “do-everything, go-to guy.” Corey wasn’t sure of many names either since he’s new to SH.
I think I caught the end of practice and the Huskies had their offense going against a scout defense. Nick Lamaison was at QB and I can see what the is optimism about. The receivers had their share of drops, which soured Bogan and an assistant. Having said that, I saw two running backs who impressed me. Sorry for resorting to racial terms, but I don’t know names … there was a caucasian kid who carried on the first play and made some nice moves that surprised me. Then there was an African-American kid who darted a couple of runs outside that would’ve been big gainers in a real game. The offensive line wasn’t in pads, but they looked very good, especially the center. It’s obvious this team reloaded. There were athletes in the right spots and Lamaison looks like he’ll be one of the better passers in the area. I have no gauge of the defense because I didn’t see what I thought was the first unit.

On to Amat …

First off, despite what you read in other threads or hear in dark alleys, I have no problem with Amat. Their fans continue to amaze me everytime I turn around. Like Friday’s practice for instance, I think that’s the most family and friends I’ve ever seen at a practice. Love it!
There was a semi-funny moment, though. What looked like a lower level player from Los Altos walked in with a Los Altos football hat and “Los Altos Pride” practice jersey on. He had just come from practice with his dad. It made me chuckle. I think he probably had a relative playing at Amat. They hung out on the field.
I got to Amat just in time for stretching. Verti runs a very high energy practice. He was running around, from unit to unit. The Lancers still practice in segments (for lack of a better term). Somebody blows an air horn every 10 or 15 minutes and it’s onto something else. This is the chic way of running practice in many places. I stayed for over an hour, and didn’t get to see anything scrimmage-like. I will visit another practice, probably next Friday when they should do an intra-squad scrimmage. Here are my takes … I only saw numbers and don’t really know names. I could piece together some names to numbers just going off memory from last year. Not many, however. I saw Amat for about 15 plays at the Bonita Passing Tournament. I was horrified. I felt a lot better yesterday, though. Here are my top observations …

1. I believe the No. 1 QB has to be a kid wearing No. 7. He had the most zip on his ball and looked like the backup last year + about 1,000 hours in the weight room. Verti told me that Carrillo had gained weight and filled out, but I am not sure No. 7 is him. Anyway, the QB situation isn’t as dire as I previously thought if this kid is in fact the starter.

2. Amat isn’t as big as last year, but they aren’t small either. There were some pretty decent sized kids. Maybe it’s not quite to typical D-1 standards, but this team isn’t exactly midgets either.

3. There was a kid working with the linebackers – No. 2 – he looks like he’s going to be a player.

4. The receivers look good. There was one kid who absolutely flew. He had a deep ball thrown to him that was way overthrown, but he got closer to it than what should’ve been humanly possible. He didn’t have a play on it, but he came close. I think he was No. 29, but really not sure.

5. Gaisie was one player I did recognize. He looked good just doing running back drills. There was a No. 4 who looks like a bowling ball with speed. This is probably the team’s fullback – again, not sure. He got outside during a drill and I was surprised with his niftiness.

6. The team looks legitimately talented in spots. Not that I could a lot during yesterday’s practice, but it appears that youth is the biggest factor they have to overcome.

Sorry these takes are so vague, but I stayed off in the distance at both practices and didn’t talk to coaches.

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