MTV’s “Two-A-Days” … I couldn’t resist …

Uh, you know, as some friends like to constantly remind me, I am 30-years-old. So, as I straddle the line between serious adulthood and the final flickering memories of life in my 20s, I know that I shouldn’t watch shows like MTV’s “Two-A-Days.” But, I do. And I watched (first season) the heck out of “Laguna Beach: The Real OC.” It’s not like I am alone in being a habitual watcher of these shows, but the fact that I waste so much time breaking them down could be a sign of trouble. “Two-A-Days” can actually be considered a part of my job. It’s high school football, albeit in Alabama, and that’s kinda my job. The show is done with a “Laguna Beach” vibe, even though it’s in the sticks. Anyway, I refuse to break it down publicly (because it’s embarrassing), so I had to call on loyal 20-something observer Elizabeth Botello to officially do it for this blog. Hey, she’s still young enough to not sound derranged for doing it, so I hope you all enjoy.

NOTE: Her breakdown is below the photos. If you have any thoughts to add about this show, post them. It’s OK to come out of the closet and admit you watch!

Elizabeth’s takes:

I wonder what the rating is for Two-A-Days: Hoover High,? the newest reality show on MTV. By the way, out of all the football terms to name a show, they picked Two-A-Days?? How unoriginal. Hoover Football? would have been just fine.
Basically the show is centered on Hoover High Schools varsity football team. The series, filmed last year, chronicles the Buccaneers run to (spoiler) another state championship. Repete, Ross, Max, Alex and Coach Propst lead the cast while Kristin is the sole female of the group.
I have to say this show is a good birds eye view, of what an almost typical high school football team deals with in a season. Lets keep in mind that this isnt your typical team. MTV went out and picked the best program in the nation. At least thats what SI concluded with its top 20 Prep Football teams in the whole country. Last week, SI did a huge article on Hoover, which painted a jovial picture around Coach Propst, Ross and the team. Frankly, the article and show juxtapose each other.
On MTV, Coach Propst constantly yells at his team while a main character fights to keep it together during practice and in the game during episodes. Two-A-Days? typically leaves viewers agonizing on whether the Buccaneers will come through in the clutch and win their game. Or maybe their just interested in whether Kristin and Alex will make-up? Luckily the Buccaneers have so far. I guess this makes good TV and a hit for MTV execs.
Two-A-Days? is a storyline full of slow-moving drama. The physical, psychological and emotional turmoil these players face makes you sympathize with them and then, at the same time, wish theyd stop acting like your typical teenagers.
Emotions run high at Hoover, especially for Alex, who must play with a broken heart. Ross needs to prove he can be a great quarterback like his older brother, and Coach Propst likes to dangle scholarship opportunities in front of his players before practice and then potentially scares them into playing a killer second half by saying he holds the keys to their athletic futures. Coach Propst looks like a nice, kind old-man from afar, but hes all business.
Good thing Hoover is blessed with good-looking kids, an added benefit for MTV, I bet. High school girls are most likely tuning in to swoon over the Hoover hotties of Ross, Alex and Max. Kristin is another big reason why this shows a hit in my eyes because she adds dimension to a testosterone-filled cast.
I wonder if high school footballers are addicted to this show.
I guess the bigger question is, if Two-A-Days? is an accurate portrayal of what really goes on during a football season? The question begs to be answered by anyone affiliated with such a program.

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