POSTGAME: Cry me a river or talk your smack …

Tell us what game you went to and what you thought …

I was at Amat: Standing on the sideline, I heard the angry yells from fans. I don’t know what to tell you all. You guys pack a stadium as good as any fan base I have seen and you deserve to be rewarded. I think that all Amat fans should remember the average age of the coaches on their staff. Not sure, but I don’t think I saw anybody wearing a headset tonight who isn’t my age (30) or younger. Right around that age group, for sure. Because this is the path the powers that be at Amat have chosen, there’s going to be growing pains like there were tonight. I think that Coach Verti needs the support of the fans. It was told to me tonight that there are only THREE seniors starting on defense. The top running back was on crutches with his leg in a cast. The QB is in his first year under center. It’s not like Verti was handed a stacked deck. And tonight, he was facing the Herrington Family, which when you’re a rookie head coach, is a tough assignment. Yes, it was obvious who made the better adjustments at halftime. Amat was down 14-9 at the break and got the ball first in the second half, but the score late in the fourth was 39-9 … mama said there’d be days like this. This is a young coaching staff and you have to give them time to be in the wars. Hart has been in the wars, as my man Rudy Ruiz put it not-so-eloquently tonight. Verti and staff are going to do fine. They’re not in the best of situations right now, with the predicament of the team being what it is. The good news is that the frosh team is loaded and there are so many underclassmen getting their feet wet this year. I wouldn’t be too hard on the coaches or the players THIS SEASON. They played the game out tonight and scored late for pride. I know, that’s not a great sign when you’re playing/coaching at Amat, but it is what it is.

Hart 39, Amat 16 (ugh)
West Covina 26, Baldwin Park 6 (Harris went over)
La Habra 27, South Hills 10 (SH 0-3)
Charter Oak 20, La Mirada 3
Damien 56, Claremont 21 (wow)
Covina 34, Ontario Christian 6
Rowland 41, Montebello 7 (that’s more like it)
Walnut 34, Northview 9
Glendora 41, Duarte 16
Los Altos 17, LB Wilson 0
Beckman 20, Bassett 0
Wilson 21, Glenn 14
Bonita 35, South El Monte 12
Cal Hi 35, El Monte 13
Bosco Tech 24, Workman 14
Warren 32, Arroyo 31
Montclair 29, San Dimas 27
Azusa 35, Mountain View 7
Ontario 23, Nogales 19

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