POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …


As Mendrun said: “One second and one yard away from being 5-0.” I never thought of it like that, but it’s true.

Damien 25, Charter Oak 9 (CO fans were back in force, so was WR Michael Johnson, and most importantly so was Damien’s defense)
Rancho Cucamonga 20, West Covina 0 (Demond Wallace and Tyler Hockenhull don’t play due to suspension. What’s the world coming to?)
St. Francis 19, Los Altos 12 (LA might have gone undefeated in the regular season were it not for this loss)
Bonita 26, Northview 0 (BoHi now thinking about smudge)
Arroyo 17, El Rancho 7 (The Knights are on the board)
Capo Valley 26, Glendora 25 (there goes my battle of the unbeatens matchup next week when the Tartans go to Rowland)
Baldwin Park 48, El Monte 13 (Can BP press Covina this year?)
Temple City 20, Rosemead 9 (don’t look now, Aram’s alma mater is undefeated. Much better effort by the Panthers)
La Puente 13, Bassett 12 (Hernandez is undefeated in league)
Workman 27, Sierra Vista 6 (Good job Lobos, you’re now 3-2 … what Workman team this decade has been able to say that?)

South Hills 14, Fullerton 7
Rowland 45, Don Lugo 23
Azusa 12, Gladstone 0
Diamond Ranch 34, Ayala 21

I went to South Hills vs. Fullerton as a casual observer. The Huskies remain a team that hasn’t quite put it all together yet. But when they do, it should be good. Fullerton looked like a gritty team, just enough to make the Huskies work for everything. I was kind of surprised how mellow the Huskies’ sideline was until the fourth quarter. Then, it was like the old South Hills again. They scored and immediately got a turnover, although it wasn’t cashed in. South Hills’ defense looked really strong in the second half. The offense had its moments. The coaching staff called a well-timed double reverse pass that produced the game winning TD from the arm of Brandon Parham. Once the offense puts things together, this team will be very dangerous.

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