The Monarchs are coming, the Monarchs are coming … to Mt. SAC …

No, this isn’t West Covina’s field … but it’s (reportedly) close

For those of you who don’t know, West Covina’s game against Mater Dei on Friday will be played at Mt. SAC. The Bulldogs have issues with their stands at their home stadium. I happen to feel this works out better because Mater Dei’s contingent will be better accommodated by this venue. And if for some reason more than just WestCo’s fans want to come see the game, then a big crowd won’t be a problem.
But forget about all of that for a second and lets talk about West Covina’s actual playing surface. It’s not a great field. It is historically bumpy and poorly maintained. I find it hard to believe that the playing field of the No. 1 team in the Valley, a program that won a CIF title two years ago, is that bad and recently got even worse. The rumor is that somebody shut off the water for six or seven weeks this summer, and the grass died. That’s one thing, but it’s also been reported that the Bulldogs’ practice field is made up of weeds, hay and dirt. And that’s not too much better than the stadium field. Isn’t this the same program that lost star running back William Wallace for all of last season to a knee injury? Isn’t this the same program that saw more than just Wallace go down to injury last season? Not saying any of the injuries were related to the field, but I am saying, why not make things optimal so at least the field won’t be a factor in potentially causing future injuries?
Do you think Bishop Amat would let its field die? Do you think Los Altos or Charter Oak or Damien would let their fields die? Or are there people constantly maintaining these fields to ensure they’re ready to go for football season?
West Covina is too good of a program to not have a competent field, at the very least. It doesn’t have to be nice, just competent. If you’re going to schedule teams like Mater Dei to come to the Valley, you have to be ready to host that caliber of athlete. Thank goodness this game was moved! Now go Bulldogs!

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It’s the weekly Aaron Harris OVER/UNDER Game … this week’s total: 230 yards

Here we go, baby!

Baldwin Park running back Aaron Harris

Here’s how you play: Fans post whether they think Aaron Harris will rush for “over” or “under” the projected total listed below. Then, Mr. Harris or the defense he’s facing that week will go out and prove you right or wrong.

This week’s over/under is 230 yards rushing … what’s your call? The Braves play Azusa at Citrus College on Thursday.

Tell me, OVER or UNDER

Baldwin Park plays Azusa on Thursday evening.

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MTV’s “Two-A-Days” … I couldn’t resist …

Uh, you know, as some friends like to constantly remind me, I am 30-years-old. So, as I straddle the line between serious adulthood and the final flickering memories of life in my 20s, I know that I shouldn’t watch shows like MTV’s “Two-A-Days.” But, I do. And I watched (first season) the heck out of “Laguna Beach: The Real OC.” It’s not like I am alone in being a habitual watcher of these shows, but the fact that I waste so much time breaking them down could be a sign of trouble. “Two-A-Days” can actually be considered a part of my job. It’s high school football, albeit in Alabama, and that’s kinda my job. The show is done with a “Laguna Beach” vibe, even though it’s in the sticks. Anyway, I refuse to break it down publicly (because it’s embarrassing), so I had to call on loyal 20-something observer Elizabeth Botello to officially do it for this blog. Hey, she’s still young enough to not sound derranged for doing it, so I hope you all enjoy.

NOTE: Her breakdown is below the photos. If you have any thoughts to add about this show, post them. It’s OK to come out of the closet and admit you watch!

Continue reading

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POSTGAME THREAD: Talk your smack, or cry me a river …

Amat pushed aside St. Paul

Running back Dominique “Don’t call me Dominic” Gaisie displays the stiff arm.


Los Altos 22, South Hills 21
Bishop Amat 26, St. Paul 23
Edison 35, Diamond Ranch 6
Mission Viejo 44, Chino Hills 7 (hurts)
Temescal Canyon 42, Diamond Bar 3
San Gabriel 20, Walnut 14
Workman 26, Mountain View 13
Damien 32, Riverside Poly 10
San Dimas 43, Gladstone 7
Beckman 28, Azusa 9


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Halftime scores and finals …

SGV Tribune, a full service prep sports broker.

Be sure to check and click on “scoreboard” for halftime scores and finals. Obviously, you’re going to have to to guess what time halftime is for all of the games. So, I would say around 8:15 p.m. start checking if you want scores from other games than the one you’re at or if you’re at home. And then, check back after the games are over for the finals.

Have fun tonight, everybody Wang-Chung tonight!

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Diet over! Going to The Boat …

One cheeseburger, five cheese breads and a split order of fries with SGVN columnist Keven Chavez

Yeah, it’s officially football season and this is how I do lunch during football season. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and these types of meals add up on the waistline and when they do, all of the honeys in the office stop smiling as they walk by my cube. Yeah right, they never stop smiling. Anyway, today I will make an exception. But these things are going to happen less and less often, I swear. What? I really do.
So, if you’re hungry and want to eat like a man, come see me, Chuh-Vez and former Temple City all-league tight end Anthony “The Spider” Aemmer at The Boat. Oh yeah, you’ve got about 30 minutes to get there.

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