The numbers and a trip to Greenfields …

If you’re on the Atkins Diet, like I am, this place is heaven.

SGVN Internet chieftain Adrian Guerrero and I made a trip to Greenfield’s this afternoon for lunch and a discussion of the latest power ratings. As you can see, there was a lot to talk about … do it guys, digest the numbers!

Special thanks to Mark Keppel fan Harry Kaminski who spotted me and paid for our lunch!

According to
SGV Top-10

1. West Covina 29.4 (LW-1)
2. Los Altos 28.0 (LW-4)
3. Damien 24.8 (LW-6)
4. Chino Hills 22.1 (LW-10)
5. Glendora 21.1 (LW-3)
6. Rowland 19.2 (LW-2)
7. Bonita 16.9 (LW-8)
8. South Hills 15.6 (LW-NR)
9. Covina 15.6 (LW-5)
10. Baldwin Park 13.3 (LW-7)

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