Lunch at Hooters and an all encompassing SGV Top 10 …

Geographic boundaries notwithstanding …

The Hooters girls had no input, but they wanted some.

Yes, Robledo was at lunch with us. Yes, he wanted to argue that his teams are just as good if not better. Could I argue back? The East SGV is by far deeper, but the West SGV appears to have the quality at the top. And yes, I adhered to the diet by taking my wings “naked” as in not breaded.

1. St. Francis (4-0) – The win over Los Altos kinda says it all.
2. Los Altos (4-1) – The current top team in the East.
3. Rowland (4-0) – Owns the record, the playmakers and the current No. 2 in the East. This might be very optimistic.
4. Damien (3-2) – This team could play with and beat any of those above it.
5. West Covina (2-2) – I’m very concerned, worried and confused by this team. Sometimes they’re hurt, sometimes they’re suspended.
6. Bishop Amat (2-2) – I have a very hard time convincing myself that Amat shouldn’t be higher. We’ll see in two weeks.
7. Monrovia (3-1) – Played WestCo tough and is a legit CIF title contender in their own world.
8. Muir (3-1) – Fred is really high on this team … me I can kinda see it.
9. Glendora (3-1) – This could be Covina, South Hills or Bonita’s spot, but it’s Glendora’s for now and the Tartans will be higher next week if they drop Rowland on Friday.
10. Temple City (4-0) – I can stay impartial, even though I love my Rams. Wait, was that a slip? Anyway, you can’t argue with how TC looks thus far.

… oh yeah, here’s Robledo’s … Joe, you’ll like it.

1. St. Francis (4-0) – Not debatable anymore
2. Rowland (4-0) – Probably the Tribune’s real No. 1
3. Los Altos (4-1) – Knights defense too much
4. Damien (3-2) – Most unpredictable on East side
5. Muir (3-1) – Only loss to Oaks Christian, the best team in the country.
6. Bishop Amat (2-2) – Can beat anyone on this list.
7. West Covina (2-2) – Former Tribune No. 1 falling fast
8. Monrovia (4-1) – The best of the best from the RHL
9. Glendora (3-1) – Let’s see how they do against Rowland on Friday
10. Temple City (4-0) – Rams will go undefeated until they meet Wildcats in week nine.

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