Is Damien No. 1?

It’s hard to argue against it …

I’m gonna make some calls and talk to some of the boys at the office, but I’m leaning toward Damien being the top-ranked team in the Valley. Los Altos lost, Rowland lost, Damien was No. 3 heading into last week and did not play. I know LA fans are going to say “But we beat them.” That’s true, you did. But I am talking about right now. Who else can it be? West Covina? Maybe. Glendora? Maybe. I think Damien has the best claim right now.

By the way … be ready for your report cards this week. I will be posting grades for EVERY TEAM IN THE VALLEY for the first half of the season as every team begins league, continues league or has its final tune-ups before league.

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