Temple City stunned by La Salle!!!

DiFiori lands on his former employer … and my alma mater!

What’s the world coming to? La Salle 21, Temple City 14

The Rams don’t play well unless it’s under the lights. Everyone knows that. What are they doing playing a Saturday afternoon game at La Salle? You know what Rams are usually doing at that time of day? Eating … and other things … not playing football. What’s next, La Salle schedules Amat and DiFiori beats them too? I may have grown up on the westside of the SGV and I might even still live there, but I don’t like what happens there. Weird stuff. TC was the No. 1-ranked team in the Mid-Valley Division!!!! Robledo, get ahold of your teams.
With South Pas cranking, San Marino convinced it’s 1988 again, Monrovia owning half of the Best in the West list, and The Dealer owning what some call the best running back in the West, TC had better pick it up.
As bad as it might seem, you know what Mooney usually does after a loss like this? He comes back and wins league.

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