Aram’s response to last Friday’s wacky results and the North Korean nuclear crisis …

You’re telling me St. Francis is coming to the Eastside this year to beat Los Altos and Bishop Amat???

That, my friends, is the Ortega Burger at Victor’s Villa ($5.41 in case Rachel Ray is counting).

NOTE: Nobody sabotaged, I did it to myself … but Robledo and Guerrero were enablers.

And you wonder why I cracked: While we’re driving to Victor’s Villa, I’ve got Robledo breathing down my neck asking “What if St. Francis beats both Los Altos and Bishop Amat in the same season, then what are you going to say?” …. my response can only be “Is St. Francis in the west SGV or east San Fernando Valley?”
While I’m trying to eat my burger, I’ve got Robledo asking “What would happen if we just had a playoff, your top teams against our (west) top teams?
Instead of passing the ketchup, he’s asking “Who even are your top teams?”

REALITY: Do any of you think I actually have the answer to that after last week? Some teams are starting league this Friday and some teams have one last major nonleague game tune-up. Workman and Duarte are already way into league and are playing in what amounts to the Montview League title game on Friday. Lets face it, after the past two weeks, we all basically know less today than we did in August.

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