Report cards …

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If you don’t like your grade, you can always pull them up by the end of the semester.


San Antonio League
West Covina (C+) – Suspensions are like claiming “The dog ate my homework.”
South Hills (C) – Four losses in six games is never acceptable. It’s like an honor student getting a D in PE.
Rowland (B+) – This would’ve been an “A” with a win over Glendora.
Nogales (C) – Shows up to class all the time, but looks out the window – all the time.
Walnut (D) – The kid who was in band with you freshman year and in a gang by senior year. And you’re like “Huh?”

Miramonte League
Los Altos (C+) – Kinda like the prom queen who gets “Cs”, not “As”. But hey, she’s pretty.
Charter Oak (D) – Straight to detention.
Wilson (B) – If the Wildcats were “A” students, they’d have beaten Schurr. Solid attendance, though.
Diamond Ranch (C-) – Thrown into AP classes for no reason at all.
Bonita (A) – Aced every quiz, all homework is in, but yet to take a test.

Sierra League
Damien (B+) – The tough luck kid who was headed toward valedictorian, but got mono.
Glendora (A) – The counselor said no AP classes, but mom and dad persisted. And here we are with a 4.0.
Chino Hills (B) – Not quite a 1600 on the SAT, but 1280 isn’t bad.
Chino (C) – Struggling in AP classes, but still not just a common student.
Diamond Bar (D+) – The kid who can’t read, but always gets picked in class to … well … read.
Ayala (D-) – Science project (new offense) blew up at Science Fair (first five games).

Mission Valley League
Arroyo (D) – You can’t be an A-student for your frosh, soph and jr. year, and then stop attending class.
El Monte (C+) – Very consistent “C” student who sometimes gives teachers the impression there’s more (see Aram’s HS years)
Rosemead (D) – Hey, lotsa people went to junior college and turned out all right.
South El Monte (C) – Nobody was expecting much. Test scores have been good … project scores (games) not so good.
Mountain View (D) – Beat Hoover, but everyone gets an “A” in “Home Ec.”

Valle Vista League
Covina (B) – Ended last year with a 4.0, then discovered hip-hop, MTV’s Laguna Beach and PS2. Naturally, the grades suffered a little.
Northview (C+) – Got “Fs” early and then started to use the study guide to prepare for exams.
San Dimas (C+) – It’s OK, even if you don’t graduate, you’ll probably inherit Dad’s business.
Baldwin Park (A) – Mom took away the TV, dad took away the car. All there was left to do was study (win).

Montview League
Workman (A) – The kid on 60 Minutes who went to teen boot camp and came back a changed person.
Duarte (B) – Acing every quiz, but getting “Cs” on the actual tests.
Gladstone (D) – Teachers are calling home wondering if there’s a domestic problem. Divorce? Money problems?
La Puente (C) – Relying on PE for an easy “A.”
Sierra Vista (D) – Pencil keeps snapping everyime they try to write.
Azusa (C+) – The kid who coudln’t read in Jr. High, but now holds his own in the big show.
Bassett (D-) – Might be time to start looking at other people’s answers.

Bishop Amat (D) – The prom queen is pregnant?
Western Christian (B) – Got into athletics and the grades came up as a result.

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