POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …

The side judge made the same gesture after Dorian Wells came his way.

Wow Amat fans, you just got your best win of the season.

Bishop Amat 29, St. Francis (OT)
Rosemead 28, El Monte 27
Charter Oak 10, West Covina 7
Damien 33, Glendora 13
Diamond Ranch 17, Los Altos 14 (wow!)
San Dimas 21, Baldwin Park 19
Rowland 43, Nogales 0
Diamond Bar 6, Ayalo 0
Covina 48, Pomona 0
Arroyo 48, Mountain View 0
Sierra Vista 26, La Puente 14
Duarte 47, Workman 8
Northview 55, Ganesha 14
South Hills 34, Walnut 7
Gladstone 21, Bassett 13
South El Monte 21, Gabrielino 14

Aram thoughts on Amat/St. Francis: I think because St. Francis doesn’t carry the same name as Hart or Valencia or Loyola, Amat fans don’t realize just how GOOD of a WIN last night was. Forget about St. Francis being the Pasadena Star-News’ top-ranked team and consider that they’re the No. 1-ranked team in the Western Division. They were undefeated and are probably going to go on and have a great season. Amat fans should not just sit there and say “That’s great, we just beat one of the Valley’s top teams.” You guys did do that, but you also beat one of the Southland’s better teams and when was the last time (outside of league) you were able to say that? The St. Paul and Rancho wins are nice, but this one is on another level and it came without Amat being heatlhy.
About the final play – Dorian Wells scored. I was standing right there and the ball hit the pylon (barely) and was momentarily across the goal line. I am telling you, I was standing RIGHT THERE. When it happened, my brain in a split second thought “Did the ref just see what I saw?” and when he signaled TD, it was obvious he had. It doesn’t matter that Wells basically ended up out of bounds and on the wrong side of the goal line. If you’ve watched any kind of football on TV, you know that only one sliver of the ball has to cross the line or touch the pylon and it’s a score. It was a very very very close play, but he did score.

WARNING: If you’re a Los Altos or West Covina fan, it’s time to get worried.

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