West Covina dismisses Hockenhull from team …

Tyler Hockenhull was one of WestCo’s biggest weapons.

West Covina coach Mike Maggiore confirmed Monday that running back/receiver/defensive back Tyler Hockenhull has been dismissed from the team for disciplinary reasons. Hockenhull has missed time this season due to suspensions. Sophomore Demond Wallace has also missed time due to suspensions and injury, but he’s expected to rejoin the team in an undefined capacity.

CAUTION: What you are about to read is Aram Tolegian’s opinion and little disclaimers like this are now necessary (by my choosing) due to the many sensitive eyes we have on this site.

Aram’s opinion: But first, please read the disclaimer above before getting upset.

Aram’s opinion Take II: Now that you’ve read the disclaimers above, you’re probably ready for some opinion on this matter. Here goes: West Covina is experiencing the season that never was. The SGV can only hope that the talented seniors who remain i.e. Shaun Rosenthal, Nick Field, George Munoz and William Wallace (among others) can get things together and put together a run in the San Antonio League and CIF playoffs. This would’ve been a very good team had everything clicked. Clearly, it has not. But there’s still time. It should be remembered that West Covina started league 0-2 in 2004 and came back to win CIF. The players, coaches and most importantly the Bulldogs’ fans are getting gypped out of what should’ve been a banner year. WestCo has some of the grittiest players in the Valley i.e. Field, Rosenthal and Will Wallace … they deserve better.

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