PREDICTIONS: Make your calls aqui (here) …

Nobody can figure out prep football. Nobody! But, try.

Today’s games
Mission Valley League
Arroyo at South El Monte
Gabrielino at Rosemead
Montview League
La Puente vs. Gladstone, at Citrus College
Valle Vista League
Covina at Ganesha
San Dimas vs. Northview, at Covina District Field
Friday’s games
Miramonte League

Diamond Ranch at Wilson
Los Altos at Charter Oak
Mission Valley League
Mountain View at El Monte
Montview League
Bassett at Duarte
Azusa vs. Workman, at La Puente HS
San Antonio League
Rowland vs. South Hills, at Covina District Field
West Covina at Nogales
Sierra League
Damien at Ayala
Chino Hills vs. Glendora, at Citrus College
Chino at Diamond Bar
Valle Vista League
Pomona at Baldwin Park
Bishop Amat at Chaminade, 7:30 p.m.
Bonita at Walnut
West Ranch at Sierra Vista
Saturday’s game
Christian League
Aquinas vs. Western Christian, at Charter Oak HS

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The Weekly Aaron Harris OVER/UNDER game …

Dear Aaron,

Most call you a stud. Some call you overrated. But everyone will soon call you “the dude from Baldwin Park” when you’re playing on Fox Sports Net for the next four years on Saturday’s in fall. Keep up the highlight reel runs!

THIS WEEK’S PROJECTED TOTAL vs. Pomoma: 170 yards

Week 1: 133 yards vs. Azusa UNDER
Week 2: 139 yards vs. West Covina OVER
Week 3: 156 yards vs. Sierra Vista UNDER
Week 4: 192 yards vs. El Monte UNDER
Week 5: 170 yards vs. Glenn UNDER
Week 6: 114 yards vs. San Dimas UNDER

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“Candice in Westwood” … Brown verbals to UCLA …

Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?

Brown is 70-1 in two seasons at Amat with two state championships.

Reigning Tribune girls basketball Player of the Year Candice Brown of Bishop Amat has given a verbal commitment to UCLA. Brown is the fifth Lancer in three years to earn a Division I scholarship.

NOTE: If you haven’t seen a Bishop Amat girls hoops game during the past three years, then you either live under a rock or aren’t a legit SGV sports fan. I don’t care if Amat isn’t your school, these teams and their players are honestly a once-in-a-lifetime event that’s going into its fourth year. Think back to UNLV in the early 1990s, it’s the girls prep basketball equivalent. You don’t have to be a fan, but you should go just to see the spectacle. This is by far the area’s best prep sports program.

Way to go, Candice!

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Who’s No. 2?

Is it Jeff Chavez and undefeated Bonita?

Last week, the local debate was “Who’s No. 1″ in this wacky Valley of ours. This week, with Damien firmly entrenched in the top spot, the question is “Who’s No. 2?” Things have been turned upside down in recent weeks. Los Altos and West Covina are fading fast. Charter Oak and South Hills are starting to climb. Bonita is undefeated and putting up points at a rapid pace. Covina has put things together and is not just beating, but destroying inferior competition. Glendora has wins against CO, Covina and Rowland and a loss to Damien. Bishop Amat just beat a team that not many in the Valley could. So, as it stands right freakin’ now, on October 15, who’s the No. 2 team in the SGV? Bonita? Covina? Rowland? Glendora? Bishop Amat? Remember, I am talking about RIGHT NOW! Not three weeks ago, not two weeks ago, RIGHT NOW!

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POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …

The side judge made the same gesture after Dorian Wells came his way.

Wow Amat fans, you just got your best win of the season.

Bishop Amat 29, St. Francis (OT)
Rosemead 28, El Monte 27
Charter Oak 10, West Covina 7
Damien 33, Glendora 13
Diamond Ranch 17, Los Altos 14 (wow!)
San Dimas 21, Baldwin Park 19
Rowland 43, Nogales 0
Diamond Bar 6, Ayalo 0
Covina 48, Pomona 0
Arroyo 48, Mountain View 0
Sierra Vista 26, La Puente 14
Duarte 47, Workman 8
Northview 55, Ganesha 14
South Hills 34, Walnut 7
Gladstone 21, Bassett 13
South El Monte 21, Gabrielino 14

Aram thoughts on Amat/St. Francis: I think because St. Francis doesn’t carry the same name as Hart or Valencia or Loyola, Amat fans don’t realize just how GOOD of a WIN last night was. Forget about St. Francis being the Pasadena Star-News’ top-ranked team and consider that they’re the No. 1-ranked team in the Western Division. They were undefeated and are probably going to go on and have a great season. Amat fans should not just sit there and say “That’s great, we just beat one of the Valley’s top teams.” You guys did do that, but you also beat one of the Southland’s better teams and when was the last time (outside of league) you were able to say that? The St. Paul and Rancho wins are nice, but this one is on another level and it came without Amat being heatlhy.
About the final play – Dorian Wells scored. I was standing right there and the ball hit the pylon (barely) and was momentarily across the goal line. I am telling you, I was standing RIGHT THERE. When it happened, my brain in a split second thought “Did the ref just see what I saw?” and when he signaled TD, it was obvious he had. It doesn’t matter that Wells basically ended up out of bounds and on the wrong side of the goal line. If you’ve watched any kind of football on TV, you know that only one sliver of the ball has to cross the line or touch the pylon and it’s a score. It was a very very very close play, but he did score.

WARNING: If you’re a Los Altos or West Covina fan, it’s time to get worried.

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The Weekly Aaron Harris OVER/UNDER game …

He’s burned more prognosticators this season than the Dallas Cowboys.

NOTE: I was fired this week by the Bellagio for setting bad lines. They said I over did it and made all of my numbers high. I responded by finding another job down the street at the Silver Slipper and here I am back with another high number. Go “under” … I dare ya.

This week’s OVER/UNDER vs San Dimas: 175 1/2 yards

Week 1: 133 yards vs. Azusa UNDER
Week 2: 139 yards vs. West Covina OVER
Week 3: 156 yards vs. Sierra Vista UNDER
Week 4: 192 yards vs. El Monte UNDER
Week 5: 170 yards vs. Glenn UNDER

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PREDICTIONS: Lets go you Glendora and Damien fans … tell me what you got!

Make your picks and give us FINAL SCORES!

Charter Oak at West Covina
St. Francis at Bishop Amat, 7:30 p.m.
Christian League
Western Christian at Arrowhead Chr.
Miramonte League
Diamond Ranch at Los Altos
Bonita at Wilson
Mission Valley League
Mountain View at Arroyo
El Monte at Rosemead
Gabrielino at South El Monte
Montview League
Gladstone at Bassett
Workman at Duarte
Sierra Vista at La Puente
San Antonio League
Nogales at Rowland
South Hills at Walnut
Sierra League
Chino at Chino Hills
Glendora at Damien
Ayala at Diamond Bar
Valle Vista League
Northview at Ganesha
Baldwin Park at San Dimas
Covina vs. Pomona, at Covina District Field

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Cory Lidle, former South Hills baseball standout, killed in NYC plane crash …


Lidle played under legendary Huskies coach Jim Bastion and graduated in 1990. Bastion told former Tribune prep sports editor and current managing editor Steve Hunt that Jason Giambi, also a former South Hills standout, called him today at 1:30 p.m. to report the sad news. Lidle was a Tribune All-Area selection in 1990.

Go to to stay up to date.

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Much will be determined in these three games …

Let me put it to you like this: Consider what the losers of these three games faces.

Glendora/Damien: This one is real simple, the loser will be 0-1 in league with games left against Chino and Chino Hills.

Bonita/Wilson loser: Still has Miramonte League games left against Charter Oak and Los Altos, not to mention DIamond Ranch. Odds are the loser of this one will miss the postseason, just like the past four seasons.

St. Francis/Amat loser: If it’s Amat, the Lancers fans who still hang their hats on the fact that Amat doesn’t lose to SGV competition will be completely silenced. As things currently stand, that and history is all Amat fans have. If it’s St. Francis, the No. 1-ranking in the Western Division is gone and probably Dominguez’s for the rest of the season.

Don’t fool yourself. This weekend will go a long way in determining the playoff fates of many teams. It’s here, boys. High stakes football is here!

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Report cards …

Bring this back signed by momz …

If you don’t like your grade, you can always pull them up by the end of the semester.


San Antonio League
West Covina (C+) – Suspensions are like claiming “The dog ate my homework.”
South Hills (C) – Four losses in six games is never acceptable. It’s like an honor student getting a D in PE.
Rowland (B+) – This would’ve been an “A” with a win over Glendora.
Nogales (C) – Shows up to class all the time, but looks out the window – all the time.
Walnut (D) – The kid who was in band with you freshman year and in a gang by senior year. And you’re like “Huh?”

Miramonte League
Los Altos (C+) – Kinda like the prom queen who gets “Cs”, not “As”. But hey, she’s pretty.
Charter Oak (D) – Straight to detention.
Wilson (B) – If the Wildcats were “A” students, they’d have beaten Schurr. Solid attendance, though.
Diamond Ranch (C-) – Thrown into AP classes for no reason at all.
Bonita (A) – Aced every quiz, all homework is in, but yet to take a test.

Sierra League
Damien (B+) – The tough luck kid who was headed toward valedictorian, but got mono.
Glendora (A) – The counselor said no AP classes, but mom and dad persisted. And here we are with a 4.0.
Chino Hills (B) – Not quite a 1600 on the SAT, but 1280 isn’t bad.
Chino (C) – Struggling in AP classes, but still not just a common student.
Diamond Bar (D+) – The kid who can’t read, but always gets picked in class to … well … read.
Ayala (D-) – Science project (new offense) blew up at Science Fair (first five games).

Mission Valley League
Arroyo (D) – You can’t be an A-student for your frosh, soph and jr. year, and then stop attending class.
El Monte (C+) – Very consistent “C” student who sometimes gives teachers the impression there’s more (see Aram’s HS years)
Rosemead (D) – Hey, lotsa people went to junior college and turned out all right.
South El Monte (C) – Nobody was expecting much. Test scores have been good … project scores (games) not so good.
Mountain View (D) – Beat Hoover, but everyone gets an “A” in “Home Ec.”

Valle Vista League
Covina (B) – Ended last year with a 4.0, then discovered hip-hop, MTV’s Laguna Beach and PS2. Naturally, the grades suffered a little.
Northview (C+) – Got “Fs” early and then started to use the study guide to prepare for exams.
San Dimas (C+) – It’s OK, even if you don’t graduate, you’ll probably inherit Dad’s business.
Baldwin Park (A) – Mom took away the TV, dad took away the car. All there was left to do was study (win).

Montview League
Workman (A) – The kid on 60 Minutes who went to teen boot camp and came back a changed person.
Duarte (B) – Acing every quiz, but getting “Cs” on the actual tests.
Gladstone (D) – Teachers are calling home wondering if there’s a domestic problem. Divorce? Money problems?
La Puente (C) – Relying on PE for an easy “A.”
Sierra Vista (D) – Pencil keeps snapping everyime they try to write.
Azusa (C+) – The kid who coudln’t read in Jr. High, but now holds his own in the big show.
Bassett (D-) – Might be time to start looking at other people’s answers.

Bishop Amat (D) – The prom queen is pregnant?
Western Christian (B) – Got into athletics and the grades came up as a result.

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Aram’s response to last Friday’s wacky results and the North Korean nuclear crisis …

You’re telling me St. Francis is coming to the Eastside this year to beat Los Altos and Bishop Amat???

That, my friends, is the Ortega Burger at Victor’s Villa ($5.41 in case Rachel Ray is counting).

NOTE: Nobody sabotaged, I did it to myself … but Robledo and Guerrero were enablers.

And you wonder why I cracked: While we’re driving to Victor’s Villa, I’ve got Robledo breathing down my neck asking “What if St. Francis beats both Los Altos and Bishop Amat in the same season, then what are you going to say?” …. my response can only be “Is St. Francis in the west SGV or east San Fernando Valley?”
While I’m trying to eat my burger, I’ve got Robledo asking “What would happen if we just had a playoff, your top teams against our (west) top teams?
Instead of passing the ketchup, he’s asking “Who even are your top teams?”

REALITY: Do any of you think I actually have the answer to that after last week? Some teams are starting league this Friday and some teams have one last major nonleague game tune-up. Workman and Duarte are already way into league and are playing in what amounts to the Montview League title game on Friday. Lets face it, after the past two weeks, we all basically know less today than we did in August.

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