If you’re not doing anything Thursday …

… go to District Field for some football

Mike McDonough will be very sad if you don’t go watch his team play on Thursday.

FELLOW FANS/BLOGGERS: Those of you questioning Covina’s football team are invited to Covina District Field on Thursday night to either see your argument proven right or wrong when the Colts face San Dimas. There’s no excuse for any Valley football fan not to be there. This is the only game in the area and unless you’re young enough to know that Thursday is the new Friday, you should be go. Who knows, San Dimas might spank C-Town and you’ll see a big upset. Or, Covina will continue its impressive roll and you’ll be a believer. Anyway, this game is isolated on its own and there will be some good players to watch i.e. Nico Barbone, Mike McD, JJ, J2, Tre McNair and so on. Not to mention, Big Reg will be doing some TV along with Kamron the King and possibly myself.

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