The Weekly Aaron Harris OVER/UNDER game …

NOTE: Harris shattered last week’s projection, sending backers to the windows long before the game was even over. This week, hapless Ganesha comes calling and without knowing just how long AH will play, it’s hard to make a number. Too low, and he gets it in the first quarter. Too high, and he never gets a chance to carry in the second half. But that’s why we oddsmakers get the big bucks.

THIS WEEK’S PROJECTED TOTAL vs. Ganesha: 189 1/2 yards

Week 1: 133 yards vs. Azusa UNDER
Week 2: 139 yards vs. West Covina OVER
Week 3: 156 yards vs. Sierra Vista UNDER
Week 4: 192 yards vs. El Monte UNDER
Week 5: 170 yards vs. Glenn UNDER
Week 6: 114 yards vs. San Dimas UNDER
Week 7: 169 yards vs. Pomona UNDER (by 1 yard)
Week 8: 16 yards vs. Covina UNDER
Week 9: 269 yards vs. Northview OVER

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