MORE POSTGAME: Bonita wins game, loses flip

ARAM’S UNOFFICIAL TAKES: I feel like my Aunt Cheryl, who is a self-described “muller” about controversial situations. I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t know if I agree that Bonita got jobbed, because that’s to say LA or DR put one over. The point of a coin flip is that it inherently tells you that a win 30 seconds prior to the coin toss holds the same weight as a win two weeks earlier. A setting like last night just makes it feel so crappy. On the other hand, how can argue with any Bonita fan who is sour about being 7-3 and missing the playoffs? Or, being 8-2 last year and missing the playoffs? Obviously, league performance is truly all that matters in the sport. Just ask South El Monte, 1-4 in nonleague and 4-1 in league (tri-champs). It’s all that matters. Bonita’s losses the past two years have come at the wrong darn time. If any of you were Eric Podley, you’d have said the same damn things. I think that LA and DR should be commended for showing some major class. Coach Layton went over to his home stands and told the crowd to “shut up” as Bonita walked off of the field. The problem last night was the cruelty of the situation. The Bearcats made an amazing goal line stand, were in the midst of celebrating a great win and then BOOM! “We just flipped and you’re not dancing.” Nobody felt good about it. Nobody. I’d be in favor of the proverbial “California tie-breaker” … flip a coin, the odd team out goes to the playoffs and the other two teams each get a possession at the opponents 25-yard line THE VERY NEXT MORNING.

Bonita 17, Diamond Ranch 14
Coin flip
Los Altos (heads)
Diamond Ranch (heads)
Bonita (tails)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Bonita beat Diamond Ranch Friday night, 17-14, but lost a three-way coin flip between itself, the Panthers and Los Altos to determine the Miramonte League’s final two playoff spots. League champion Charter Oak holds the other spot.

Others …
Bishop Amat 34, Loyola 31 OT (Apologies are in order, our scoreboard has this one flip flopped.)
Duarte 42, Gladstone 10 (Don’t tell Coach Crutch it’s a down year for Gladstone)

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