Northwest Division Playoffs

Mike McDonough is ready to give the Northwest Division some pain.

NOTEWORTHY: Covina gets the No. 2 seed it deserved. The Colts are the highest seed of any Tribune team.

Aram’s prediction: I have Oaks Christian and Harvard-Westlake meeting in one semifinal. Covina and Oak Park will meet in the other. The finals will be Oaks Christian against Covina, which I don’t have to tell you who will win.

Aram’s sleeper: There isn’t one. This division will be very formful.

Top Bracket
St. Bernard
Oaks Christian (1)

San Dimas
Morro Bay

Pioneer Valley
South Torrance

Baldwin Park
Harvard-Westlake (4)

Bottom bracket
Oak Park (3)

El Segundo

St. Joseph

Covina (2)

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I will be doing a video webcast of the proceedings at CIF-SS offices tomorrow. It will be ready for you to view tomorrow evening, hopefully. This will be the first of a weekly show that Fred Robledo and I will be doing. Please watch the opening show for interviews with coaches and opinion about the playoff brackets. Also, I will have the playoff pairings up on this site ASAP tomorrow so we can all start breaking them down. What I need from all of you is to watch the webcast and to share your opinions about the playoffs starting tomorrow night. The more I can show the upper brass at SGVN that prep sports is where the most readers/hits are, the easier they will make it for me to provide the coverage it deserves. That’s where you all come in – watch the webcast and hit this site. Thank you!

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MORE POSTGAME: Bonita wins game, loses flip

ARAM’S UNOFFICIAL TAKES: I feel like my Aunt Cheryl, who is a self-described “muller” about controversial situations. I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t know if I agree that Bonita got jobbed, because that’s to say LA or DR put one over. The point of a coin flip is that it inherently tells you that a win 30 seconds prior to the coin toss holds the same weight as a win two weeks earlier. A setting like last night just makes it feel so crappy. On the other hand, how can argue with any Bonita fan who is sour about being 7-3 and missing the playoffs? Or, being 8-2 last year and missing the playoffs? Obviously, league performance is truly all that matters in the sport. Just ask South El Monte, 1-4 in nonleague and 4-1 in league (tri-champs). It’s all that matters. Bonita’s losses the past two years have come at the wrong darn time. If any of you were Eric Podley, you’d have said the same damn things. I think that LA and DR should be commended for showing some major class. Coach Layton went over to his home stands and told the crowd to “shut up” as Bonita walked off of the field. The problem last night was the cruelty of the situation. The Bearcats made an amazing goal line stand, were in the midst of celebrating a great win and then BOOM! “We just flipped and you’re not dancing.” Nobody felt good about it. Nobody. I’d be in favor of the proverbial “California tie-breaker” … flip a coin, the odd team out goes to the playoffs and the other two teams each get a possession at the opponents 25-yard line THE VERY NEXT MORNING.

Bonita 17, Diamond Ranch 14
Coin flip
Los Altos (heads)
Diamond Ranch (heads)
Bonita (tails)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Bonita beat Diamond Ranch Friday night, 17-14, but lost a three-way coin flip between itself, the Panthers and Los Altos to determine the Miramonte League’s final two playoff spots. League champion Charter Oak holds the other spot.

Others …
Bishop Amat 34, Loyola 31 OT (Apologies are in order, our scoreboard has this one flip flopped.)
Duarte 42, Gladstone 10 (Don’t tell Coach Crutch it’s a down year for Gladstone)

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RETROSPECTIVE: Opening Tribune Top 10 …

Damien went from No. 8 in August to No. 1 in November.

Special thanks to Big Reg for suggesting I re-post this. I should say that with sarcasm becuase some of these picks didn’t come to fruition. But hey, some of them I stand by. You be the judge. It’s always great to see how a season matriculates.

Tribune Top 10
August 31, 2006

1. West Covina – Finished 6-4 and split league title with Rolwand and South Hills.
2. Charter Oak – Finished 7-3 and won Miramonte League title. Closed season on 6-game win streak.
3. Los Altos – Finished 6-4 and don’t playoff fate yet. At one point, this was the top team in the area.
4. Bishop Amat – 4-5 heading into tonight’s game against Loyola. Won’t make playoffs, but did beat St. Francis.
5. Rowland - Finished 8-2 and split league title with West Covina and South Hills.
6. South Hills – Finished 5-5 with some bad luck and split league title with Rowland and West Covina.
7. Covina – Finished 9-1 and won league title. On 9-game win streak.
8. Damien – Finished 8-2 and won league title. Obviously, this ranking was way off. Current No. 1 in the area.
9. Wilson – Finished 4-6 and didn’t win a game in league. Was very competive in four of six losses. Another league, a better result?
10. Arroyo – Quickly fell out of Top 10, but finished 5-5 with a shared league title.

Glaring exemption: Glendora
Not so glaring exemptions: Duarte and Diamond Ranch.

Aram’s thoughts: A couple of things really stand out to me. The first is that Damien went from No. 8 to No. 1. The Spartan contingent was on this site since spring saying they should be ranked higher. Guess what? They were right! The other thing that stands out is Glendora being left out of the opening rankings. Obviously, this angered most Glendora fans and like Damien, they were right! Glendora is clearly one of the Top 10 teams in the area. It would’ve been hard to rank them so high due to what was lost from last year’s team (which opened last season ranked No. 3 (I believe) so don’t call me biased).

The performances of West Covina and Charter Oak made these rankings look pretty bad for the first half of the season. But wow, what a turnaround! Both teams could not have been more impressive with the way they finished the season. I think anybody who saw West Covina over the past two weeks knows now that the lofty expectations were justified. The same can be said for Charter Oak. In the end, both of these teams walked with league titles.

And that brings us to Bishop Amat. It’s always difficult to rank the Lancers because you can’t base the ranking solely on how they’d fare against the rest of the Valley. With the exception of Damien and maybe Los Altos (on a good night), Amat beats every other team in the rankings by double digits. But that’s not how Amat is judged. The Lancers have to step out of the Valley and be judged by the company they keep. When you do that, Amat doesn’t deserve a high ranking. They don’t play in an SGV league and they don’t play in a division with any other local team. Beating St. Francis is nice, but that doesn’t mean squat when you’re not competitive in league.

Here’s to hoping all of the teams in the first Trib Top 10 or the latest Trib Top 10 keep it going in the postseason (if applicable)!!!

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POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …

Will the real WestCo please stand up!

Bulldogs QB George Munoz reacts to beating Rowland.

West Covina 48, Rowland 20 (Where’s that been all season?)
Damien 23, Chino Hills 21 (Incredible play at end … please tell us about it)
Rosemead 23, South El Monte 21 (Go against the grain in the MVL, you’ll be alright)
Charter Oak 21, Wilson 17 (Wildcats refuse to win games)
Workman 38, La Puente 6 (The Lobos are 7-3!!!)

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PREDICTIONS: Finals scores wanted!!!

Thursday’s games
Miramonte League
Wilson at Charter Oak
Mission Valley League
Arroyo at El Monte
South El Monte at Rosemead
Gabrielino at Mountain View
Montview League
Workman at La Puente
Azusa at Sierra Vista
San Antonio League
Walnut at Nogales
Rowland at West Covina
Sierra League
Ayala at Chino
Damien at Chino Hills
Glendora vs. Diamond Bar, at Citrus College
Valle Vista League
Ganesha at Baldwin Park
Covina vs. Northview, at Covina District Field
San Dimas vs. Pomona, at Ganesha HS

Friday’s games
Miramonte League
Bonita vs. Diamond Ranch, at Ganesha HS
Montview League
Duarte vs. Gladstone, at Citrus College
Serra League
Bishop Amat vs. Loyola, at Glendale HS, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday’s game
Christian League
Calvary Chapel vs. Western Christian, at Charter Oak HS

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The Weekly Aaron Harris OVER/UNDER game …

NOTE: Harris shattered last week’s projection, sending backers to the windows long before the game was even over. This week, hapless Ganesha comes calling and without knowing just how long AH will play, it’s hard to make a number. Too low, and he gets it in the first quarter. Too high, and he never gets a chance to carry in the second half. But that’s why we oddsmakers get the big bucks.

THIS WEEK’S PROJECTED TOTAL vs. Ganesha: 189 1/2 yards

Week 1: 133 yards vs. Azusa UNDER
Week 2: 139 yards vs. West Covina OVER
Week 3: 156 yards vs. Sierra Vista UNDER
Week 4: 192 yards vs. El Monte UNDER
Week 5: 170 yards vs. Glenn UNDER
Week 6: 114 yards vs. San Dimas UNDER
Week 7: 169 yards vs. Pomona UNDER (by 1 yard)
Week 8: 16 yards vs. Covina UNDER
Week 9: 269 yards vs. Northview OVER

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Here’s a mock Southwest Division playoff pairing projection …

Again, bored and sick, looking for something to do. This is just pure speculation as sent in by a loyal reader. If any of you have legit projected playoff brackets for other divisions, then please send them to me for review. my personal email address is

Upper Bracket
Los Altos (Miramonte 3)
(1) Mayfair (Suburban 1)

El Toro/Trabuco Hills (Sea View 2)
Canyon (Century 2)

Charter Oak (Miramonte 1)
Tustin (Century 3)

La Mirada (Suburban 3)
(4) Rowland (San Antonio 1)

Lower Bracket
(3) Foothill (Century 1)
Artesia (Suburban 4)

Diamond Ranch (Miramonte 2)
West Covina (San Antonio 3)

South Hills (San Antonio 2)
Bellflower (Suburban 2)

El Toro/Trabuco Hills (Sea View 3)
(2) El Dorado (Century 1)

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Chew on these numbers …

NOTE: I’m sick and bored, so this is what you get. If I’m wrong, or you have something kinky to add, please don’t be afraid to type.

Bishop Amat – Likely to miss the playoffs for the third time this decade, and it’s only 2006.

West Covina – ADJUSTED – Averaging 13 points per game against teams with winning records, hence the Bulldogs are 2-3 iin those games. This doesn’t include scoring three points against South Hills, which is 5-5.

South Hills – Speaking of South Hills, coach Steve Bogan has hadn’t a losing season since going 4-6 in his first season (1992). Huskies are 5-5.

Glendora – The Tartans own wins against four league champs this season – Covina (Valle Vista League), Charter Oak (Miramonte League), Duarte (Valle Vista League) and Rowland (San Antonio League).

Los Altos - Has beaten just two teams with winning records, one of which (Bonita) may not make the playoffs.

Diamond Ranch – The combined record of teams that have beaten Diamond Ranch is 36-9. The combined record of teams Diamond Ranch has beaten is 11-26.

Rowland – The Raiders are 8-1 and have not beaten a team with a winning record.

Aram – Since going to the doctor for an ear lobe infection in mid-October, I’ve lost 18 pounds. Need to get my ear lobe infected more often.

More South Hills – The Huskies’ five losses have come against teams with winning records. All five wins have come against teams with losing records. South Hills’ average margin of defeat in its losses is 6 points.

Covina – The Colts have beaten two teams with winning records. Those two teams (Baldwin Park and Ontario Chr.) have combined to beat one team with a winning record. That lone win is Ontario Christian’s victory over Hamilton.

More Bishop Amat – The average margin of victory in Amat’s four wins this season is just 4.7 points.

Mission Valley League tri-powers – Arroyo, Rosemead and South El Monte have combined for just one win over a team with a winning record – Rosemead’s 28-27 win over Orange.

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POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …

Covina 40, San Dimas 12 (What can you say about Covina?)

Charter Oak 21, Diamond Ranch 20 (Lou Farrar wins No. 200 at CO)
West Covina 47, Walnut 0 (WestCo switches offense and rolls up 400 yds.)
Rowland 36, Wilson 35 (Raiders almost got trapped in a trap game)
Los Altos 24, Bonita 0 (Bo-Hi’s offense has completely stalled out)
Glendora 31, Ayala 28 (Hey Glendora, the win over Chino is only nice if you win the last two (one now).
Baldwin Park 41, Northview 7 (Aaron Harris drops 269 yards and 5 TDs on the Vikes)
South El Monte 48, El Monte 7 (Eagles continue to soar, er, fly, er, perch themselves in first, er, win)
Notre Dame 49, Bishop Amat 0 (And for the third time this decade, the Lancers won’t be dancing)

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PREDICTION TIME: Make your predictions here (include final scores) …

Today’s game
Valle Vista League

Covina vs. San Dimas, at Covina District Field
Friday’s games
Christian League
Western Christian at Hamilton
Miramonte League
Los Altos at Bonita
Diamond Ranch at Charter Oak
Mission Valley League
South El Monte at El Monte
Arroyo at Gabrielino
Rosemead at Mountain View
Montview League
Azusa vs. La Puente, at Citrus College
Workman vs. Bassett, at La Puente HS
Duarte at Sierra Vista
San Antonio League
West Covina at Walnut
Nogales vs. South Hills, at Covina District Field
Serra League
Bishop Amat at Notre Dame
Sierra League
Glendora at Ayala
Damien at Chino
Diamond Bar at Chino Hills
Valle Vista League
Northview at Baldwin Park
Pomona at Ganesha
Rowland at Wilson

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The Weekly Aaron Harris OVER/UNDER Game …

THIS WEEK’S PROJECTED TOTAL vs. Northview: 150 1/2 yards

Quick thought: Covina did a great job against Harris last week. I thought he didn’t get enough carries, but what can you do when you’re way down in the game? Plus, Angel Acevedo has developed into a very good second threat.

Week 1: 133 yards vs. Azusa UNDER
Week 2: 139 yards vs. West Covina OVER
Week 3: 156 yards vs. Sierra Vista UNDER
Week 4: 192 yards vs. El Monte UNDER
Week 5: 170 yards vs. Glenn UNDER
Week 6: 114 yards vs. San Dimas UNDER
Week 7: 169 yards vs. Pomona UNDER (by 1 yard)
Week 8: 16 yards vs. Covina UNDER

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If you’re not doing anything Thursday …

… go to District Field for some football

Mike McDonough will be very sad if you don’t go watch his team play on Thursday.

FELLOW FANS/BLOGGERS: Those of you questioning Covina’s football team are invited to Covina District Field on Thursday night to either see your argument proven right or wrong when the Colts face San Dimas. There’s no excuse for any Valley football fan not to be there. This is the only game in the area and unless you’re young enough to know that Thursday is the new Friday, you should be go. Who knows, San Dimas might spank C-Town and you’ll see a big upset. Or, Covina will continue its impressive roll and you’ll be a believer. Anyway, this game is isolated on its own and there will be some good players to watch i.e. Nico Barbone, Mike McD, JJ, J2, Tre McNair and so on. Not to mention, Big Reg will be doing some TV along with Kamron the King and possibly myself.

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Latest Trib Top 10 … for of those you who don’t have a driveway or can’t get to a rack.

Rowland is up to No. 2 … is that a high water mark?

NOTE: It was requested in a lower thread that I post this week’s Trib Top 10. Not subscribing to the Tribune is a lot like doing your own taxes – you can get by, but you’re probably costing yourself something somewhere. Hey, what am I supposed to say?

1. Damien (6-2) – Holding top spot longer than most.
2. Rowland (7-1) – Bidding for high seed in the playoffs.
3. Covina (7-1) – Hasn’t lost since Week 1.
4. Charter Oak (5-3) – Big Lou lives for November.
5. Glendora (5-3) – Devastating first half vs. Chino.
6. Bishop Amat (4-4) – Facing uphill battle in league.
7. Diamond Ranch (4-4) – Among the hottest around.
8. Bonita (6-2) – Under pressure again.
9. South Hills (4-5) – Defense unleashed on West Covina
10. Duarte (6-2) – Living up to potential, thus far.

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