POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …

Northwest Division
Oak Park 17, Covina 14, 2 OT (burn the tapes of this game)
Southwest Division
El Dorado 14, Los Altos 7 (Sounds like a good effort)

Five thoughts about Covina vs. Oak Park:

1. Covina lost the game when it didn’t go up 14-0 despite numerous opportunities. The rest is conversation.

2. Oak Park is the least impressive finals team I’ve ever seen.

3. Oak Park had one thing in mind – allow no big plays. It worked.

4. There were 10 plays that, if Covina makes any one of them, they win the game. They made none.

5. That was one of the worst HS football stadiums I’ve ever been in. No visitor stands?

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