CIF Press Conference Luncheon … Aram’s notes …

The Grand in Long Beach.

BUT FIRST AN UPDATE: Charter Oak’s game against El Dorado will be at Citrus College on Friday night at 7.

1. Schurr’s contingent showed up in a limo. I thought it was cool.

2. Jimmy Clausen got two plates of food, then came back and got a third.

3. Aram ate a few slices of roast beef and some salad. All carbs were avoided. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing anymore. I avoided what looked like some great mashed potatoes and a good pasta salad.

4. Lindsay Soto was there.

5. Tommy Leach, formerly of Diamond Ranch, now at Chaparral was there. He’s in the finals in his first year there. I had no clue until I saw him.

6. Anthony Rice, formerly of Diamond Ranch, now at Colony was there. He’s in the finals in his first year as a head coach. I had no clue until I saw him.

7. Charter Oak was represented by Prinicpal Kathleen Wiard, AD Joey Strycula, Coach Lou Farrar and players AJ Pasalo, Kanaan Snowden and Michael Johnson.

8. Oak Park sat at the table right behind us.

9. Oak Park’s coach Dick Billingsley had the line of the day when he called his finals opponent “Oaks College.”

10. Oaks Christian came in a school van.

11. It was great to see other working media there … Erik Boal, Jeff Gluck, Dan Albano, Dan Arritt, Eric Sondheimer and so on.

12. Steve Sarkissian was the key note speaker and he was very good. I was probably the only person in the room who remembered him playing QB for BYU in the Cotton Bowl against Kansas State. I still have no clue how BYU won that game.

13. I sat at Charter Oak’s table.

14. High school football continues to get more and more popular.

15. Michigan is the second best team in the country.

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