Aram’s in a pretty significant bowl pool …

A big play or two by Breaston could be the difference for Aram’s sheet.

A few years ago, our esteemed boxing writer Robert Morales told me about a bowl pool his friend/colleague Royce Feour puts on every year. Morales deflected his invitation from Feour to be in the pool to me. I accepted. Little did I know, it was like a mafia initiation. I was naive. I didn’t realize until I saw the list of participants. Throughout bowl season, Feour sent updates. When I saw the names on the first update I almost fell out of my chair. Don King, Bob Arum and yes, Mike Tyson. Not to mention several big time sports writers. If Feour weren’t such a famous boxing writer, which he was until his recent retirement from the Las Vegas Review Journal, I wouldn’t have believed the company I was keeping. I’ve never personally met anyone in the pool, but who’s counting?
Anyway, I believe I’ve played in this pool for three years, with this being my fourth. I’ve never done anything better than a top 15 finish. I think there’s generally around 50 people. The pool requires its participants to pick the pointspread winner of every bowl game. As the games get bigger, the value of each win gets bigger. Wish me luck …
For more national coverage on this pool, here’s the link to San Jose Mercury News sports writer Tim Kawakami’s blog. It blew me away to see him blog about the pool, so I thought I would, too.
I’d like to think I have a built-in advantage because college football is my hobby. Some guys like fishing, water skiing, hiking, cars or whatever. I like to wake up at 8:30 a.m. on Saturdays and stay up until 10 watching college football.
Root for me, please. I want Kawakami to blog about my victory and have people be like ‘Who?’
By the way, I started off with TCU last nite as a winner.
My top three selections overall, not in terms of the pool and against the spread are: Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State.
Feel free to post your bowl thoughts on this thread.

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