It could be a long year for the East SGV boys hoopsters …

Early tournament results are troubling …

Glendora Tournament goes to Pasadena. Glendora, which used to own this thing, was out somewhat early. And the Tartans lost to Alta Loma in one of the conso games.

Arroyo Tournament goes to La Canada The Spartans beat Keppel in the finals.

Two eastside tourneys and no eastside teams around at the end. Hopefully, things get better.

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Sorry about the video highlights …

The audio came in very choppy … but rather than not having any video at all, I urged the boys to come up with one anyway. It’s one of these things that you don’t know about until you get back to the Tribune and see what you’ve got. The picture is all good, don’t adjust your computers, it’s just that the sound came in very choppy. I know it’s annoying, but it’s better than nada.
As a side note, Keith Birmingham put together a nice audio slideshow that I think you’ll like.

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UPDATED: POSTGAME: Talk your smack or cry me a river …

Southwest Division
El Dorado 17, Charter Oak 6

Aram’s final thoughts: Here’s your bottom line in the Southwest Division
1. El Dorado
2. Charter Oak
3. Los Altos
…and the rest.

That might look obvious to you, but it says something. First of all, SGV fans know that CO or Los Altos haven’t had one of their juggernaut teams since earlier this decade. That makes both teams reaching the Final Four a very impressive feat. Charter Oak wasn’t seeded, but reached the finals. Los Altos was the “coin flip team”, but that’s really a technicality. The Conqs were easily one of the top teams in the division. What I’m trying to say is that going by the records and seedings, this wasn’t supposed to be the SGV’s year in the Southwest Division. Yet here was CO playing for all the marbles. Here was LA in the semis. Here was West Covina beating the No. 1 seed. Here was South Hills downing a top four seed on the road. None of these teams were “loaded” this year. None of them! In the years that SH, LA and CO won CIF titles this decade, they entered the playoffs as seeded teams … as favorites. That wasn’t the case this year. What you saw in El Dorado was a “once in a lifetime” group. The Golden Hawks don’t reload like LA or SH or CO. I don’t think Trabuco Hills will ever be better than it was this year. I don’t think Foothill can do much better. And I won’t even mention Mayfair … if it didn’t happen this year …

The conclusion to make is that this was El Dorado’s title to lose. They were the favorites. They are legitimately the best team in the division. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been caught on an off night, but there’s no doubt about it – El Dorado is the best team in the division and they simply took care of business. Going forward, the rest of this division – the OC leagues and the 562 league – are in deep hot dog water beginning next year. With the underclass teams CO, SH and LA have, don’t look for Farrar or Gano to retire anytime soon. Don’t look for Bogan to take it easy on anybody in the coming years. Do look for the SGV to be a major force for the next few years.

CO gave it a great run this year. But remember, the difference between this year’s team and ’01 champs or the ’02-03 Conqs or last year’s SH, is that this team wasn’t SUPPOSED to win it. Those teams were all SUPPOSED to win it. Pretty soon, the SGV will have the seeded teams i.e. the teams supposed to win it and I’d imagine they will.

Congrats again to El Dorado. The Golden Hawks were a class act, from players to coaches to fans. They accomplished a major feat for their school and will go down as local legends because of it. I know it was hard for a lot of you to see CO lose, but if you’re going to lose, El Dorado was the kind of team you don’t mind losing to.

Also, congrats to the entire division and all of its players and coaches. Not just locally, but everyone. You guys put on a tremendous show! It was a wild ride. It was classic high school football. It was the perfect reason why I always tell people that going to a game/getting behind a team is their civic duty.

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Going back to sleep … see you all at the game!

Yeah, I did it.

I won’t lie to you. I woke up this morning and the scale said I still weigh too much but the lowest I’ve been in a while. I celebrated by going from Monterey Park to Pasadena for a chilli omelette from Top’s. I told dude to hold the hash browns and toast so I could stick to my modified, less healthy version of the Atkins Diet. They didn’t give me the hash browns or toast, but I still got charged $6.48. I’m convinced there’s flour in the chilli, but oh well.

Anyway, some of you have asked me about the life of a sports writer in the past. There’s an initial look, just for you. Just like how some teams lay out a game day intinnerary, sports writers kind of do the same. Here’s mine:

9:15 a.m. – Wake up.
10 a.m. – Take 10 to 605 to 210 to go to Tops. Get off the 210 at Myrtle in Monrovia because traffic is terrible.
10:30 a.m. – Arrive at Tops.
11:00 a.m. – Arrive back at home; crush omelette with ease.
11:10 or so – Go on Internet.
Now: Go back to sleep. Hey, you would too if you didn’t have a real job.
3 p.m. – Wake up (again)
3:05 p.m. – Take a shower.
3:45 p.m. – Get on 10 Freeway for what should be an hour’s drive to go 10 miles.
4:45 p.m. – Arrive at Tribune.
5 p.m. – Leave Tribune for Citrus College.
5:30 p.m. – Do TV pre-game show with Big Reg, who keeps busting my chops.
5:45 p.m. – Possibly walk off the set if the stools Reg is using are too small.
7 p.m. – Cover Charter Oak/El Dorado game.
9:45 p.m. – Listen to various yells from people telling me to how to do my job as I leave the stadium.
10:15 p.m. – Arrive back at Tribune to write.
11:30 p.m. – Finish article.
11:45 p.m. – Make sure “SGVN Video Game of the Week” narrarator Jeff Tolcher is OK.
Midnight – Leave Tribune.
12:01 a.m. – Try to talk myself out of making a run to Alfredo’s. This typically becomes a desperate conversation once I’m past the 605 on the 10 East. It gets real emotional as the Santa Anita Ave. exit approaches.
12:30 a.m. – Yell various profanities in a state of disgust that there’s a line THIS LATE at Carl’s Jr.
12:32 a.m. – Order something that I can take the buns off of and eat (wack).
12:40 a.m. – Eat.
12:45 a.m. – Go on Internet at home to see if Tribune web site has been updated. It usually isn’t.
1 a.m. – Go to bed.

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