HOOPS PLAYOFFS … this week

Can Damien shake last Thursday’s disaster?

BOYS HOOPS: Uh, how’s your confidence in area boys hoops? I won’t lie, mine isn’t high. I hope I’m wrong. The season was very entertaining, but that was SGV on SGV. Once our boys step into competition against the outside world, i.e. those who don’t know what it’s like to have an Alfredo’s just around every corner, it could be scary. Damien has been No. 1 in the area for quite some time and even though Sparty lost to G-Dora, I still think they represent the area’s best chance at making a run.

GIRLS HOOPS: The Amat Chicas of La Puente, as always, will have all eyes on them. I hope the Amat faithfful have plans to get involved and support this team early. The new division should see Amat in major battles starting in the second round. You Golden A supporters can’t just plan to catch up with the team at The Pyramid, because that might be too late. Covina and Diamond Ranch have had tremendous regular seasons and should make big noise in their respective divisions. C-Town has a nice Saturday nite home game coming up. Hopefully, the Rowdy Rooters show up in force. Also, don’t forget about Sierra Vista. The Dons have a first round bye in their division and could make a little run before it’s all said and done.

REQUEST: Get to a game!!!!!! Basketball gyms can be a crazy place when packed. And that could create a nice homecourt advantage for some of the SGV fans. There’s nothing like a playoff game in a packed gym. Good crowd support could be the difference between some of our teams pulling an off an upset, or not.

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