Day 1 of JB = BJ (big joke)!

Six rounds of this?

In case you missed it, CBS anchor James Brown will call the entire tournament this year. He started by validating this terrible decision when he called Aaron Afflalo “Mr. Afflalo.” OK, that’s barely fine even sarcastically. But then he called UCLA bench warmer Michael Roll “Mr. Roll.” We know JB doesn’t know the names and we know the only college hoop he’s probably seen this year was on the east coast. But please stop calling college kids “Mr.”

I’m particulary upset by the pro-JB decision by CBS because it means that Gus Johnson will only call the first two rounds. In case you don’t know, Gus Johnson makes the games exciting and any game he calls almost always turns into a great, tight game. I know it’s just coincidence, but still. Gus Johnson adds something. JB makes me think I’m about to see Peyton Manning start warming up. No good.

Gus Johnson, good. James Brown, bad.

Here’s a Gus Johnson sample for those of you who aren’t sure.

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