Hall of Fame Game moving to Bassett HS …

The game is on July 6, so don’t blow your hand off two days earlier.

Game founder Jim Brownfield wants to keep it as close to the 605 Freeway, as in the middle of the Valley, as possible. Even though we all know the trophy resides in the East.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know the rosters, or the coaches. The Trib has no say in this, thank God. But if you want to discuss who you think should be there, I’m sure it would get back to those in charge.

Quick Aram thought: Real smart … speed up the East even more by playing on carpet at Bassett’s new stadium, which by the way, is now among the best in the Valley. Field turf isn’t exactly the best way to level the playing field for the West to make some noise in the series.

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