Dodgers parking has been raised to $15!!!!

Dodger Stadium: The only place on Earth where you pay more to park, than get in.

Let me get this straight, no free agent slugger, Billingsley doesn’t make the rotation, Pierre bats second and now I have to pay more to park than to get in the game?

Quick Aram thought: I guess I was the last one to know about this. I found out Saturday afternoon and called everyone I knew. Dodgers parking has gone from $10 to $15. Very nice, McCourt. It used to be that baseball was the best bang for your buck in terms of pro sports entertainment. Now this!!! It would take a little bit of the sting off if the Dodgers actually signed a free-agent slugger. But no, we got Juan Pierre, who was subsequently moved to the two hole. This season is starting off real bad.

Very angrily, I called my inner circle to vent, let’s go around the horn for their responses …

Girlfriend Elizabeth: “Just park in Korea Town and take the bus. (not gonna happen)
James Shabumi: “That’s why I’m not a Dodgers fan anymore. I’ll root for the Angels and Arte Moreno. (not an option)
GMac (who was in Vegas, and probably didn’t have all his faculties): “I don’t mind it, they kept all their kids. (this is true, kemp, ethier and loney for $15 parking.)
Former columnist Keven Chavez: Inaudible after USC loss in Sweet 16, But I think he was sour, but not as much as I would’ve liked. I think he also pointed out that there were new routes in and out of the lot. (big deal, and he’ll feel it when we go together.)

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